Free Quality Formal Training

Free Quality Formal Training at CLI

Hi everyone, my name is Lynda Slobodian, and I am receiving free quality formal training at CLI. I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My journey started in Montreal, Quebec, where I was born. I am the proud mom to five amazing adults and three beautiful grandchildren. Currently, I am a school bus driver, a new career I embarked on one and a half years ago and enjoy very much.

My story is one about choices, some good, some not so good. It’s about redemption, renewing, and restoration. It’s about a God who is so loving that He has been willing to pursue me no matter how dark the places in which my lost soul found itself. I am called to minister out of my own brokenness.

My Conversion and Marriage

I was 19 years old when I became a Christian thanks to the faithful prayers of my single mom and three younger siblings who gave their hearts to Jesus five years before. It was a complete 180 degree turn around for me. One day life was dark and meaningless, and the next, I was filled with light. The sky was bluer, and the grass greener. God put a song in my heart, which I remember singing as I walked to and from work. It was evidence of the pure and simple faith that had awakened my spirit. It started like this: Good morning, good morning, sweet Jesus! A day starts better with Jesus! Flowers and bees all over the world are saying, “Good morning, good morning, sweet Jesus!”

A few short months after my conversion, I married a young Christian man I knew since I was 17. Sadly after 23 years and five children, we chose to walk away from our marriage. Although I initiated the separation, I felt lost all over again. Before long, I stopped going to church. I thought at the time that I still believed God and His Word, but my actions told a different story. I made my own rules about what was right and what was not and started drinking too much and dating other men.

Remarriage Struggles

I remarried in 2014, but I did not choose well. I reasoned that I had “tried” a Christian man, and that did not work. So this time, I would try someone who didn’t profess to believe Jesus but seemed to have good morals. It turned out that my husband, who I thought had good morals, had several hidden addictions. It was during that marriage that I fully realized that God IS good. His ways ARE good and the only way to true peace. They are there to protect us from harm.

A Desire for Ministry

During those dark years, however, God started developing a desire in me for ministry. I knew I wanted to use my experiences to help others. I became a certified Life Coach in the spring of 2016, thinking this would be the avenue God would use.

As time went on, I began to get more clarity and realized that I am to strengthen and encourage the church. I want to point people to THE WORD. Therefore, I thought about formal training and prayed that God would make way for me to go to Bible School. Two years went by, and during that time, I moved three provinces away. I was close to family, where I would be safe and found work and a beautiful church. I got involved in a small group as well as an outreach ministry. It hasn’t been an easy road, as I am in the middle of a storm right now. But this time, I have my heart set on following Him on His terms and stay within His loving boundaries.

Finding CLI for Free Quality Formal Training

How did I find the Christian Leaders Institute? Just a few weeks ago, I was on a live video chat with my brother who lives in Japan. He mentioned that he was getting formal training with Christian Leaders Institute for free! The Holy Spirit nudged me, “Lynda, do you hear him? Free formal training!” I listened to my brother and jotted down the information but didn’t say anything out loud. My brother had no idea about my desire or my prayer.

I didn’t let myself get too excited because it sounded too good to be true. It was two weeks before I finally went to the website. My heart was captured when I heard that this ministry recognizes the need for more Christian leaders and is generosity driven to provide free quality formal training. I signed up and started right away.

I see my ministry as two-fold: 1) To strengthen and encourage the church in wholeheartedly seeking God.
2) Bringing the simple message to the lost that God loves them (possibly specifically to those in sex trafficking).

Thank you, CLI, this is truly an answer to my prayer.

Learn about online ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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