Free Online Ministry Schooling

Free Online Ministry Schooling Journey

Hi! My name is Rick Jelley, and I am excited about the free online ministry schooling at CLI. I live in Charleston, Maine, in the United States of America. I have been teaching public high school mathematics for 15 years and enjoy it very much. My family and I have attended church together every Sunday since I was six years old. My grandfather was a pastor, and faith in God has been incredibly vital in my family growing up.

Called to Ministry and Finding Free Online Ministry Schooling at CLI

I began to feel a desire to serve God in my late teens. However, ultimately, I thought that I “did not have what it took.” I have always loved to study God’s word, the Bible. Learning more about God and my faith has also been important to me. Over time my hunger for God’s word and to be used by Him in ministry continued to grow. Therefore, I began to get more involved in church ministry. I served in ushering, meeting and teaching new believers, and leading a Sunday school class.

Feeling confirmed in my call from God to the ministry, I decided to look for free online ministry schooling. I found the Christian Leaders Institute and signed up as a student. I just started to take courses at Christian Leaders Institute, and I am looking forward to meeting and learning from the many professors!

Interested in online ordination? Check out the Christian Leaders Alliance. Looking for a low-cost college degree? The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School could be right for you!

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