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Free Online Minister Education at CLI

My name is Annelize van Tonder, and I am receiving a free online minister education at CLI. I was born in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1975, and I studied human resource management. I have been going to church all my life and walked with God. However, I came from an abusive home and then, at a very young age, went on into an abusive marriage.

In 2015, God showed me a dream. In this dream, God led me up a mountain. Then out of a cloud, a pair of hands handed me a book and a sword. I went through a lot of healing in and through the Holy Spirit, who cleansed me from corruption. God filled me with His love and forgiveness.

Divorce and Serving in God’s Kingdom

In 2019, my husband told me that he met another younger woman, and we divorced. God made the way for me, and I ended up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I got actively involved with a local house church. Currently, at this church, I am called by the Holy Spirit to go out and minister and pray for people in and through the Holy Spirit. I am also involved in women’s ministry. I serve as a woman’s camp group leader with Word In Action and a marriage camp group leader. Furthermore, I also serve in children’s ministry.

My Spiritual Dream and Free Online Minister Education at CLI

I met my new husband in our cell group, and we are both working in the ministry. In and through the power of the Holy Spirit with God, our Father, as our core and foundation, we will go wherever He calls us to go. Therefore, spreading the love of Jesus and the healing power of the Holy Spirit is my spiritual dream.

Currently, I am devoting my life to do God’s work with very little income. I want to study here at Christian Leaders Institute and receive my credentials to be able to become a full-time minister. This free online minister education at CLI is truly a blessing!

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance and degree programs with the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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