Free Online Christian Education

Free Online Christian Education Opportunity

My name is Christian Herring, and I am excited about CLI’s free online Christian education. I am from Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. Here in Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s a different dynamic than most places. It is a profoundly religious state, but there are so many incorrect spiritual teachings here. Also, there is nothing in the way of real Christian schools and education.

Growing up was pretty rough. I grew up with absentee parents in a rigorous legalistic, religious Latter Day Saints community. At a young age, I rebelled against all authority. As I matured, I turned to alcohol and later to not believing in God. Soon, I was indulging in whatever human desires struck me. I overcame this with all praise to God!

Salvation in Jesus Christ

I came to know the Lord close to 13 years ago now. I was dying spiritually and physically from alcohol poisoning. My struggle was not wanting to be part of this world any longer but not wanting to die either. So, I prayed. I prayed for Jesus to come into my life and take away the pain. Jesus did! From then on, God is real to me, and Jesus is my Lord and Savior! I have sought to do my best to follow Christ and His teaching. My baptism was on January 27th of 2018. Getting baptized solidified the Holy Spirit in me.

Before I came to know Christ, I felt unworthy and unloved. But Jesus changed all of that. Now, I am called to ministry in hopes of spreading the Gospel and His love to others. A pastorship is a definite option. My spiritual dream is to let people know they are not alone and are loved by God. I want them to know that all things can be done through Christ Jesus! He is the Lord, and He gives us new life!

Since there are no formal Christian schools here in Utah that I can physically attend, Christian Leaders Institute is a Godsend. Having this free online Christian education is a blessing. I plan to use my Christian Leaders Institute training for ministry wherever God leads me!

Learn about ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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