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Calling Me to More: A Testimony of Jesus’ Radical Love

My name is Alorah Jones. I am taking free ministry classes online at the Christian Leaders Institute to discover where God wants me to minister.

Over the last two years, God drastically changed my life. I went from being a deceived believer, knowing God was real, but not earnestly seeking Him, to feeling God call me to ministry. When I think back on the patience God has had for me, I am amazed. He has continually pursued me, even when I was claiming Him as Lord, but not living according to His Word. He has shown me His radical love and called me home.

My Journey

I started college back in the fall of 2019. Originally, I went to school hoping to pursue a degree in musical theatre. The idea of that sounds silly now. But, I had trained for the last four years of high school purely for that moment. However, after four years of being recognized in the hallways of my high school and honored as a great kid, my life took a turn. No longer a big fish in a little pond, I no longer had the desires and passions I once had.

I spent the next three years trying to figure out who I was and chasing love in all the wrong places. I grew up learning about Jesus and knowing in my heart that there was some sort of Creator who had made me. Still, after feeling abandoned by my family in my teen and first years of being a young adult, I didn’t feel that there was a place where I belonged.

Jesus Turned My Life Around

When I thought there was no way up from the bottom, Jesus started to turn my life around. He gave me something bigger than myself to focus on, which, in turn, stopped me in my tracks. I found out I was going to have a baby! Suddenly, I knew that I really needed Jesus more than anything else. Through my beautiful daughter, God helped me heal my abandonment wounds and find a new start. Building new relationships with mentors who were leading me to Jesus and showing me how much He loves us. Jesus opened my eyes to the whole truth, and I realized I could no longer turn away from the One who created me with a bigger purpose. Within the year, I was saved and radically changed. Baptized back in 2022, it feels good to let that old version of me die.

Free Ministry Classes at CLI

Over the last year, I really dug into what the Lord’s calling for my life is. He has created me to be a minister to my children. However, I know that there is more in His plan for me. I always thought I would eventually become a teacher, but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of teacher. However, I didn’t want to go back to four years of school and what felt like losing sight of Jesus. I had my daughter to think about and financially, that really wasn’t an option.

Then one day, the Lord dropped “FREE MINISTRY TRAINING” into my line of view. At that point, it was clear God was calling me in a different direction. He took away all the barriers and limitations I had placed in front of getting a degree and made the Christian Leaders Institute accessible to me. I pray over the course of my free ministry classes that God will open doors and continue to lead me to exactly what ministry He has called me to.

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