Free Minister Training Studies

Free Minister Training Studies

My name is J.B. Grimmond and I am receiving free minister training studies at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I grew up in an atheistic and Catholic home. As I grew up, I wished to be a Catholic priest. But, as I got older, the desire to be a priest was no longer there. I fell very far from that by adopting atheism as my belief system. Along with atheism, I got into drugs, drinking, and immoral relationships with girls outside of marriage. I was only fifteen years of age.

Eventually, I got my girlfriend at that time pregnant. So I met with my girlfriend’s father, who is a vital Christian. He shared with me the Gospel story. Then, he gave me a Bible of my own and a Gospel booklet by Paul Washer called Home. I read Washer’s booklet trying to disprove what her father had told me about the Gospel message. But I could not do that, and through the Bible and the booklet, I got miraculously and graciously saved.

I have since married, and I am now a father to a beautiful little girl with another on the way. And I have been baptized, and I run my own Bible study for those who have not heard the Gospel and those who remain unconverted.

I wanted to gain more knowledge of God and the Bible, so I searched online for a free Bible school. I found Christian Leaders Institute and I am excited to see where these free minister training studies will bring me. I seek to know God more and have a personal relationship with Him. My studies here at Christian Leaders Institute will help me with this pursuit.

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