Free Military Ministry Training Changed My Life

David Garrison needed a better ministry education to cater to his fellow soldiers so he enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute and began his journey in gaining pride in himself and pride from God.

Free Military Ministry Training  – Changed My Life

My name is David C. Garrison. I am 34 years old and am from Charlotte N.C. and am currently living in Winston Salem N.C. I have a 7 Children who l love completely named Chase 3 years old, Caleb 5 years old, Kayden 7 years old, Nya 9 years old, Zaria 10 years old, Dasha 13 years old and last my oldest Keyonna who is now 16. Me and my wife has been together some time now and we are happiest when we focus our efforts in prayer and worship.
I lived a very harsh life growing up. I went through both physical and sexual abuse from the adults in my family but my mother was always there to help me through. I as a young child was kept in church with my mothers efforts and know of the lord God very well. I was badly injured to near death when hit by a car at 11 years old and from that I learned what the power of prayer was capable of.
I ended up in a very street friendly life. I got deeply involved in gangs and gang banging after I stopped going to church with my mother at the age of 14. By the age of 16 I had left home and started fending for my self only to learn of my brothers death. This brought my attention back to god but I had not yet been saved.
I worked hard in school in order to enter into the US Army where I served 8 years. There I gained a deeper understanding of our savior through the chaplains efforts. That is when I learned of my skill and aptitude of teaching the word. as his assistant I ministered to several soldiers and was compelled by the holy spirit to keep this up. Then after a series of events i stepped back from ministry over waves of depression.
In 2013 I tried to commit suicide. My life had fallen apart and I felt as if there was no saving a person such as myself. I had fallen in to many sins of the flesh the biggest was suffering from alcoholism. Though I never harmed others with my addictions I still destroyed my own mind and body in this process. My wife had left me taking the children and I lost my home. My life had reached a low I had never experienced once I lost my military career.
In the process of bleeding out from cutting my self I had a vision that was as real as the words I’m typing. Jesus came to me saying it was not my time and I still had many to teach, My work had not been finished. This empowered me to get help and once the doctors were baffled with my survival with such little blood in my body I knew it was all through the grace of God. Since I have done all I could to serve the Lord God.
Here in Winston Salem N.C. USA. it will be difficult for me to speak the word to those of my past. They generally see me as a goofy guy. If not goofy then they knew me in my down time when I was completely aggressive. Several people where around when I back slid not to long ago. Those will be the hardest to convince but I’m sure at some point the holy spirit in me will shine through and others will show the proper respect for the God within me.
I became a true christian while enlisted in the army where I was baptized and saved. I began doing missionary works with the other soldiers. The main ones I ministered to where those emotionally destroyed from the training or from missing family. The others would come to me for advice and I would listening to the holy spirit provide scripture which seem to be more then helpful.
My dream in ministry is only to serve the lord in which ever direction he sends me. I would like to pastor a church of my own one day but am not looking to know. I would like to become an associate minister to gain personal, active experience first. Beyond that only wish to serve God and do the works he wishes. I owe that much for him saving me several times and answering my prayers even when I was not following his plan.
I am not one particular thing in these works of god. I am called to ministry but I cant say which way the Lord God will lead me on this calling. I work well with children and do mind teaching them. I have brought several back to the arms of the lord so I would have no issues with being and Evangelist. Pastoral workings I believe is in my future but not the near future. So I am versatile like clay in the saviors hands.
I attend Living word Christian Center in Winston. They have been there in time when my family where homeless. These same people of God have cloth us and fed us as well as. They are a true inspiration of what its like to server the father without fail. They are very supportive of my wife and children growth and i’m sure when time comes they will be happy I took the proper steps to become more educated. With all hopes I would be able to study under the pastor.
My family is amazing in their spiritual walks. My wife anoints the children head before they step out into the world. She also spends personal time with the lord every morning before she leaves for work. When as of her to join me in honor and praise of the lord she never denies me. My children are the ones I truly want to set the example for if no one else. I wish to show them a true man of God and be their reason to carry one. This is why the scholarship is so important.
The fact that I have seven children and I only receive disability means I don’t have much to spare. My wife works hard as she can and from time to time I find extra work. We never miss a week of paying tithing and do all we can to insure our children are happy but its just not enough. I feel that this will be a long battle but I know I can accomplish my goal and this scholarship will help me to that. All that said I know what my calling is because the lord has pulled at my heart consistently. I feel I was lead to find this school because no one I know has heard of it.
The prayer I need is never for myself. I do as that you pray for my children and wife. Their needs supersede my own at every turn. The reason my kids have survived so well and have no went through to many harsh times was because of the prayers going out to them. My wife is a very special Christian and just as the children she is constantly prayed for but I know the power of corporate prayer and wish that for all in my family.


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