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My name is Jennifer Starr, and I am receiving free leadership training at CLI. I am from the United States. I grew up in and out of the church but became a regular attendee at 12 years old. After my baptism, I became a person who was there whenever the doors were open. When I was an older teenager, I taught Sunday School to the few young children that attended. I married, and we attended church for a few more years. However, we slowly found ourselves attending less and less until we no longer attended at all.

A Sign to Return to Church

After I lost my second child by a miscarriage, I was in a dark place in my life. I asked God to send me a sign that I was going to be alright. As I looked off into the distance from my front porch, I noticed a large steel cross that I had never seen before. I knew then that my family needed to find a new church home.

We attended a few different churches. Then, we came across Solid Rock Fellowship Out West. On our second Sunday there, they announced that they needed someone to lead the youth ministry program. God pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I volunteered. I have now been the youth leader for five years. Now I also have the role of activities coordinator for the entire children’s ministry.

Free Leadership Training to be a Better Ministry Leader

I started classes at Christian Leaders Institute to guide me to be a better ministry leader. I also wanted to develop my ministry resources and methods better. Currently, our church is building a new youth and family center. We hope better to serve the community and children in our area. There have been many roadblocks that tried to stop our efforts in completing the building. However, through God, we will prevail.

Our new building should open within the next month. Our goal is to have a safe place for local children when they get out of school. We are also looking into the possibility of partnering with a local school to provide after-school care. Perhaps, in the future, we will start a full-time Christian daycare.

Called to Youth Ministry and Free Leadership Training

I am called to youth ministry but also to guide and lead others in their ministry calling. To me, the ministry is a team effort, especially when it is a ministry to children and youth. I want to be able to train others so they can equip the called.

The leadership class at CLI has given me many tools needed to lead ministry workers. It also provided insight into how to overcome situations that can tear apart any ministry. I believe the area that will be the most significant help is how to deal with conflict. There are all types of conflict when there is more than one person making decisions on anything. Knowing the different kinds of conflict and how to handle conflict when it arises will help me to handle situations that come up. Thank you, CLI, for this leadership class!

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