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“The dream to start a training school was planted in me at the time of my conversion. Almost immediately after I was born again I had an inner vision of some kind of college and I was teaching there. Since that time I have been teaching in many local church based Bible schools but I know one day I will start my own school. I have also been conducting leadership training in various parts of my country.”       – Patrick Siame, student of CLI


Free Internet Bible School In Zambia

My name is Patrick Siame. I was born on 9th November, 1957 in Mporokoso, a small town in the northern part of Zambia. Currently I am living in Kitwe, the second largest city in Zambia.

When I was doing my secondary school education I was a religious person but I was not a Christian. All that changed on 20th September, 1979 when I met the Lord, Jesus Christ. On that day I was invited by a friend of mine to attend a Scripture Union meeting. This was in a military camp where I was serving my 20 months compulsory National Service. After some prayers and a short bible study one of the leaders of the S.U preached a short sermon that touched me so much that I shared the same message with whoever I met in camp throughout that day.

In the evening I felt prompted to withdraw to a solitary place. I had no idea what I was going to be doing there but I started off for a quiet place I had in mind. When I got there I found myself kneeling down, confessing my sins and asking Jesus to forgive me and to come into my life. And Jesus did come into my life that day. The proof of this is four-fold: First, I was able to pray in my own words, something I could not do before. I’ve continued to pray since that day. Second, I felt clean on the inside and continue to feel the same today. My drinking and smoking habits were broken that day. I have never smoked or drank any beer since that day and I believe, by the grace of God, I never will. Third, I immediately had the desire to know the Bible. I had never owned a Bible in my life up to that moment but because I felt the hunger to know the Word, I went and bought a Bible three days later. I’ve been reading and studying the Bible since the 24th September, 1979. On a daily basis I see myself changing as I walk with the Lord and this is the fourth proof to me that Jesus had indeed come into my life.

My ministry dream is to start a Leadership Development Institute whose goal will be to enhance the skills of Christian leaders in every sphere of life: church, family, civic, and social etc. My primary calling is that of a teacher but I’m also comfortable doing pastoral work. In fact, I am currently pastor of a church I started in 2000.

My Church has encouraged me in my calling by encouraging me to conduct teaching seminars on various topics. They have also allowed me to preach and teach out of station several times over the years. My family has also done the same. CLI’s free internet bible school is important to my ministry. I definitely will learn new things and I believe CLI will provide some teaching materials that will be useful in my teaching ministry.

Enrolling In CLI’s Free Internet Bible School

Ready for an opportunity to gain and strengthen your biblical knowledge? Join us here at Christian Leaders Institute where we provide our students with a free internet bible school! Click here to enroll! Signing up is quick and simple! Begin training with our free internet bible school immediately after sign up! God bless.

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