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Martin Luther King Jr. fought to bring freedom from racial oppression. He preached that freedom in Christ also meant that everyone “would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Now over fifty years later, there is still oppression. There is still racial injustice. There are other kinds of injustice too. Why should the rich and connected only receive high quality Bible schooling? Jesus preached freedom for the captives. He offered the opportunity for ministry training to very poor fisherman. Jesus gave his disciples a free high quality Bible school indeed. There will never be such a free high quality Bible school again!

Free High Quality Bible School Freedom Fighter

I believe that every Christian who is called into ministry should be free to receive the opportunity for a free high quality Bible School everywhere. In Atlanta, Georgia the ministry home of Martin Luther King, Jr.,  Coasta Graham is a thirty year Free High Quality Bible Schoolold single mother.

My name is Coasta Graham. I am 30 years old, and a single mother residing in Atlanta, GA, USA.  It is a joy to live here and have the freedom to openly share Christ and be a blessing to others in our communities. The challenges I see in my area are that there are many false prophets who have caused harm to the people, and that many have hardened their hearts to receiving the word of God because they don’t know who to trust.

Growing up in a Christian environment, Coasta gave her life to Christ at the age of 12 years old. Upon graduation from high school, she enlisted into the United States Army as a Chaplain’s Assistant. A chaplain’s assistant provides much-needed support to the chaplain during missions and everyday activities. A chaplain assistant’s primary purpose is support for the unit ministry team programs and worship services. She performed this duty for three and a half years.

While, living in Atlanta, Georgia – Coasta has volunteered in her church in various departments including being a Children’s Church teacher for two years. She enjoys encouraging others and being a help in ministry there. She currently uses social media to encourage others through Facebook, Instagram, Blogging and Twitter.

Besides volunteering in her church, Coasta serves in her community as well. She has always had a big heart for people and is always looking for ways to enrich their lives. She is a modern day freedom fighter for Christ.

Sadness struck her life in 2011. Coasta went through a divorce. But this divorce changed her spiritual life and started her on a trail into ministry. She said,

I decided to take my walk seriously and have since attended various Christian classes to be more knowledgeable of the word of God and to increase my faith. Recently, I accepted my calling into ministry with the support of my pastor. My ministry goals are to be fully equipped for the work of the Lord to share the Gospel to the world in all ways that are possible, so that all will come to know Him and seek salvation.

Coasta is very grateful to Christian Leaders Institute for providing a free high quality Bible school for her. This will allow her and others like her who are called into the ministry the opportunity to learn all that they need to know, to be better equipped for the work of the Lord. As a single parent, she is the only provider for her child. It would be unlikely for her to receive high quality ministry training if Christian Leaders Institute did not provide a free high quality Bible school for her.

Coasta wrote,

A scholarship is important for me to have because otherwise it would make it difficult to be done. So, I am grateful for CLI for offering such a program to those who truly want to build up the Kingdom of GOD; by saving souls all around the world who may not have the money or the ability to afford to attend a traditional school setting otherwise. I ask that CLI would pray that I as well as all the men and women of God be guided by the Holy Spirit in all that we do without wavering in faith and causing no man to stumble.

I honestly believe we need to break the barriers down to allow every called Christian everywhere the opportunity to enroll in a free high quality Bible school. My dream is that this free high quality Bible school thrives in Atlanta, Georgia USA. My dream is that this high quality ministry training is available in the remote places of Africa where the claims of Christ redeem peoples mired in poverty and religious confusion. My dream is that Christ freedom fighters will be raised up in Europe who have an opportunity at this free high quality Bible school even though they are usually unlikely candidates for ministry training. I believe that those in Pakistan deserve a high quality Bible school and I want to give them this opportunity.

I also believe that eventually this movement for a high quality Bible school will be supported primarily by the leaders who are raised up! The one dollar gifts are coming in from our freedom fighter students. We will keep our budget lower but keep our standards high so that everyone gets an opportunity to be equipped with the tools of real freedom.

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