Free Evangelism Training

Free Evangelism Training

God’s grace is sufficient. This is my story of God’s redeeming grace in my life. My name is Jacob Nehlsen, and I am receiving free evangelism training at CLI. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I am married to a wonderful, kind, supportive woman named Hannah.

My Early Years

I grew up in a Christian family and was introduced early to the Bible. I committed to following Christ at a young age. Continuing to grow up in the church, I learned scripture. But for much of my younger years, I had a hard time making it a genuine commitment.

When I was in middle school, I was introduced by circumstances outside of my control to a life of sexual promiscuity. I didn’t know why or quite understand the impact it would have on the rest of my life. In my sinful nature, I continued to partake in this lifestyle for about a year. God convicted me of this, and I was set free from it. However, this lifestyle led to an addiction to pornography.

In 8th grade, I rededicated my life to God and started living the best I could for him. Unfortunately, the more I tried to shake it, the more pornography stuck. I would go for months of being successful. Then, in one fell swoop, I fell back into my old habits. While I continued to grow in my relationship with God, this continued to fester in the background. It wasn’t until my engagement to my wife that I finally dealt with it head-on. By Gods grace, I have been freed from that lifestyle for almost three years now.

Evangelism Calling

My wife and I desire to be involved in evangelizing the lost. Right now, we feel called to the U.S. and in particular some of the areas where there is little to no church activity. I desire to become involved in a church where the average layman is trained and equipped to be a powerful witness and follower of God. We dream of a church where love and unity may be restored for followers of the Bible and of Jesus.

Christian Leaders Institute has given me the opportunity to study on my own, while I work and support my wife as she goes to school. I desire that every local church can provide leadership and the biblical training that CLI does! The opportunity to study free evangelism training here is allowing me to become equipped as a Christian leader. This free evangelism training is for when we evangelize these areas with a low church to population density.

Life Changing Events

Two main life events drive my passion for a radical church and my free evangelism training. First, my wife and I were considering missions, and we went for three weeks to an orphanage in Kenya. We were way out there where they were surrounded by tribes who are very active in demonic activity. We saw worship and dependence on God like never before. These brothers and sisters worshipped God like He was all they needed because He is all they have. My wife and I both concluded that foreign missions were not for us for now at least. We both became burdened for the church in America. We came back from that trip with a new desire and passion.

Second, we found ourselves dealing with death in our families and friends. A couple of months later, my precious brother took his own life. These are the moments of make or break in one’s faith. The questions and thoughts that go through your head. The self-doubt. The self-pity. What could I have done differently? If only I had said this. Also questions to God. Questions that reveal what you believe about God and His Word. How could you let this happen?

God Is In Control

I tell you, God is my refuge and my strength. When my soul is in turmoil, I cry to God. When there are pain and tears, God is my rock on which I stand. My father-in-law called me up and walked me through the book of Job. The Bible says that he did not sin by asking God questions, because he did not blame God, and he did not curse God. And one of God’s final responses to Job was a series of 77 questions to which Job kept replying, “I don’t know.” Job concluded: “You are God, and I am not. Your ways are above my ways. How can I understand the things of God?”

This day was by far the hardest day of my life, but in it all, I know God is in control. My brother made his decision in the midst of pain, sickness, depression, etc. God allowed it to happen. This day and the months that followed changed my perspective on life. While pursuing God, I was not entirely devoted to God. I received a new hunger to live for God’s kingdom. This world is not my home. Pain and hardship is part of this life here, but not the life in my house with my Heavenly Father. Through this all I can empathize and connect with those who struggle with depression. I can sympathize with those who have been through a deep loss. My life is for God and the furthering of His kingdom.

Free Evangelism Training is a Blessing

The ministry of CLI and this free evangelism training are a blessing to us. I look forward to getting to know some of you Brothers and Sisters. These classes have been invaluable in providing an education that I would have a hard time accessing otherwise. Thank you for what you guys do!


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