Free Evangelism Education

Free Evangelism Education Opportunity at CLI

Hello, my name is Kenneth Thompson, and I am grateful for the free evangelism education opportunity at CLI. I grew up in a Christian home. If the doors were open, my mother and I were at the local Baptist church. My father was a nonbeliever but joined us on special occasions like Easter, Christmas, etc. I was involved in all the youth group activities. However, I never developed a relationship with God. All I learned was how to act like a good Christian boy.

The Lost Years

I joined the Army when I was 17 years old. I didn’t step into another church for 20 years. Freedom from Christian rules was what it was for me. After a failed marriage, my second wife had just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. One would think this time would be my turning point. Not so, I was too far down the rabbit hole at this time. I didn’t even ask for God’s help. That’s how far from God I was.

My Conversion on My Journey to a Free Evangelism Education

After my wife passed away, I went a little deeper down the rabbit hole drinking and partying. I started dating an old friend of mine. We were drinking and partying a lot. Her son who was playing in a Christian rock band at that time invited us to a revival they were playing at. I was reluctant to go as it was at a Pentecostal Church. I had not been to church in 20 years. But with reluctance, I went anyway. Not a lot happened. That night they had a young evangelist and the band played, but my heart was way too tough for any of that to get to me.

However, some friends of ours invited us to another church the next morning. It was another Pentecostal church, but I survived one, I could survive another. So the next morning, we went to Oak Park Church of God. I walked in and from the time I entered the church, I could feel something changing in me. By the time of the altar call, my eyes were tearing. I went up for the altar call and accepted Jesus as my Savior. We all were standing in front of the church when the Pastor called me up to him. He told the church that God laid on his heart to anoint me to be a mighty man of God to do great things in his name.

My Calling and a Free Evangelism Education at CLI

Ever since that day, I felt that God wants me to do more. But, I didn’t know what. I struggled with my Christian walk and understanding where God was leading me. No matter how far out of wack I got, God always pulled me back. Over the years, God showed me the direction he is leading me and has given me a heart for Evangelism. So this is why I’m here at Christian Leaders Institute getting the training I need to be effective in my calling. Thank you for this free evangelism education opportunity.

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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