Free Confidence Building Ministry Education - Cheryl's Story

Student Cheryl Selby receives Free Confidence Building Ministry Education at Christian Leaders Institute and plans to utilize her education at CLI to minister more confidently and without error. Here is her story…

Free Confidence Building Ministry Education – Cheryl’s Story

I am a wife and the mother of a beautiful daughter who has blessed me with two beautiful granddaughters. I live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, USA. I have owned several businesses over the years and have come to a season in my life where I know the Lord wants my undivided attention. I originally asked Jesus to be Lord of my life when I was 14 years old. I was listening to a radio program and prayed with the man on the radio. After that I didn’t move any further in my walk with the Lord because I didn’t know anyone who knew Him. When I was 32 years old, I met a woman who knew Jesus. She started witnessing and ministering to me. She convinced me to do a home bible study on Jesus to help me understand who He is. I remember being quite moved by the scriptures that talked about Jesus. Several times I told this lady that I was ready to pray and ask Jesus to come into my heart, but she kept turning me down! She told me that I wasn’t hurting enough yet, and that I needed to be in a place of hurting before I could pray and it would “stick.” Then one day I found myself in a place of hurting and called the lady and she consented to pray with me. That day the Lord did several miraculous things for me. I had an empty void inside of me that I knew was there, but didn’t know it could be fixed. Jesus filled that void in the moment I prayed and although I have never experienced that void since, I remember it well. Praise the Lord it’s gone! Also, that same day, I opened my Bible to read it. Prior to praying, reading my Bible was the same as reading any book. The words were dull to me and most of it didn’t make sense. After I prayed, the Bible became alive! When I opened it I could feel the presence of God. When I read the words they were life! It was an incredible experience which continues to this day. The other thing God did for me at that time was He made the gas in my car miraculously last many miles beyond what it should have lasted so that I could get home without having to stop and without having to spend the few dollars I had left in my pocket. Glory to God! That day was the beginning of my new life in Christ Jesus and it has been quite the ride with Him all these years!

My training in the Word of God has been primarily through books, tapes, television and the last several years through the internet. I have longed for years for the opportunity to attend a Bible college. I prayed the other day asking God to guide me in the direction He wanted me to go. The next day I found your website. I am hoping to receive three things through your training: 1. To be well grounded in the scriptures; 2. To be disciplined in the scriptures; 3. To have an in-depth understanding of God’s order in ministry. I have known for years that the Lord has called me to ministry, but I have always shied away from it because I felt I lacked proper training. The one thing that burns in my heart for others is to help folks understand how to let the Lord have His way with them. For years I lived my life with one foot in the church and the other foot in the world. I couldn’t figure out why things kept going awry in my life. It took years in the “desert” before I could see that I needed to take that foot that was in the world OUT of the world and keep both of my feet in the Kingdom where they belong. Jesus promises that when we give ourselves fully to Him, He will take care of everything that concerns us. When the Lord says I’m ready, I would like to step out into ministry for the purpose of teaching others how to develop a close personal relationship with the Lord and trust Him through the process of surrendering every aspect of their lives to Him.

I’ve always been a leader and pioneer. I believe the Lord is going to use me to plant churches. I am “wired” to create organizational systems, teaching systems, and all the necessary mechanics required in building an organization. Folks have lovingly referred to me as “Mother Cheryl” because it is my nature to look after the needs of others. I care about people: what they are feeling, what they are fearing, what they are needing. My vision is to build churches where people are encouraged and uplifted and schooled in the ways of God.

I am also very excited about your vision to build mentor centers! I think this is a marvelous idea and I am hoping the Lord’s plan for you in this project includes me!

A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will give me the confidence I need to step out in ministry to serve Jesus. I am most fearful of teaching and ministering something in error. I believe your school will give me the foundation necessary to keep me from error in serving others. Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity. I pray the Lord bless you richly for your work and that all whom He has called find their way to your website.

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