Free Christian Education - Ricky's Story

CLI student Ricky Merriman enrolled for a Free Christian Education in order to fulfill his heart’s calling to Chaplin or Pastor to his community in Michigan! Here is his story…

Free Christian Education – Ricky’s Story

Hello, my name is Ricky Merriman, I live in the State of Michigan, USA.
I am married and have four children.We live in a small modest house, that was built over a hundred years ago in an old mining community in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The winters are long and the summers are short, but we are blessed to live I a beautiful scenic area with plenty of Lake Superior shore lines, some call it God’s country! The community in which I live is economically depressed and utilizes volunteers for various community services such as Fire departments, First Responders, Hospice, Transportation for the elderly, etc. I feel a calling on my heart to volunteer in my community as an Chaplin or Pastor to help those in need of God’s love and care.
I have been searching the internet, looking for online Christian education at little or not cost and was very blessed to come across the Christian Leaders Institute’s website! I was very impressed, and excited to get started in the free classes. I learned so much about what it takes to live a Godly life, that can be reproduced and shared with others. I just finished the Christian Leaders Basic’s Course and I am eager to get stated in more classes!
God bless Christian Leaders Institute it was just what I was looking for and more!


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