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Free Bible School Courses  – Clovette Rhoomes married the man of her dreams in 1995, but she also got sick that year with anFree Bible school Courses illness that finally forced her to get a new kidney in 2013. Now Clovette has a new opportunity in life and ministry.  Her husband is a licensed pastor and she wants to take a new step in sharing the ministry journey with her husband.

Free Bible School Courses Needed

Clovette Rhoomes was born and raised in Jamaica. Jamaica is a land of contrasts. Rich and poor. Faith and unbelief. Water and Land.  It is in this place that Clovette received the Lord Jesus Christ. She wrote about her faith journey,

Faith in Jesus Christ was and has been a major part in my life. In May of 1982 I bowed my knees at the altar and surrendered my life to the Lord, promising Him that I would faithfully serve Him. Since that precious moment, I have never been the same.

After their marriage in 1995, her husband Ronald worked hard to support their new marriage. A new challenge tested this young couple when Clovette got sick. But as sick as she was she never lost her goal to minister. She never lost her desire to get prepared to minister. After Clovette received her new kidney she found Christian Leaders Institute and the free Bible school courses offered. She shared,

In 1995, I got married to my husband Ronald Rhoomes, who later became a licensed minister, and is now the assistant pastor of our church in Atlanta, GA. Over the past eighteen (18) years I was sick and for the last seven years suffering with kidney failure and was unable to work. My husband was the only bread winner since I was unable to work. On August 13th of 2013, I received a kidney transplant.

Getting access to the free Bible school courses at Christian Leadership Institute will help me immensely to reach my goal, since I have always wanted to further my ministry training, but I could not because of my sickness. To God be the glory. Now that I am feeling better I take these free Bible school training courses at Christian Leaders Institute.

Clovette is taking these free Bible school courses to teach children and young people. She said,

I believe my ministry is working with and teaching our youth the word of God. Many of our children today cannot quote a verse of scripture or understand the word of God. My goal is to disciple and mentor them to love and serve the Lord with all their hearts.

Christian Leaders Institute offers quality free Bible school courses for any called believer. The professors of these courses are very distinguished. These free Bible school courses include lectures, free online materials, tests and real certificates that you can print out when you complete the required courses. Read stories of students who attend CLI and receive these free Bible school courses at the CLI Facebook Ministry Page



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