Formal Training in Church Planting

Formal Training in Church Planting at CLI

I am Beauty Nobuhle Tyalimpi, a mother of three children and a grandmother to five. Born and bred in South Africa in the Eastern Cape, I am a 59-year-old widow and a primary school teacher. I love the Lord and am also a church planter. So, I am excited to receive formal training in church planting at the Christian Leaders Institute.

My Early Years

In my early years, I grew up in a Methodist church home. My mother was a full member of the church. As black South Africans, things were not easy for us. My father was working in Johannesburg, far from home. He was at home only for three weeks in December every year.

After I passed Matric, I went to Johannesburg, where I heard about salvation for the first time. I was born again. However, I had to go back home and pursue my teaching career. Then, I married and went to my husband’s church. I longed for what I experienced in Johannesburg, but no church preached salvation nearby. After some years, I bought a house in Queenstown, a nearby town. There I joined a vibrant church, His Grace Tabernacle Church. God brought me back to life again.

Calling and Formal Training at CLI in Church Planting

I discovered a side of me I did not know existed. The problems I had in my marriage became insignificant. My life filled with inexplicable peace and joy. I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. I found myself preaching to groups of women. Naturally, I am a shy kind of person, but when I stood up to share the gospel, I amazed myself. Something was burning inside of me that was not easy to contain. My pastor invited all the people who had a calling from God to a two- day seminar. He encouraged us to pursue God’s calling. He helped me to start church planting, so now I am a church planter.

Whenever I face challenges in church planting, there is a little voice that tells me that I am not qualified in ministry like I am in teaching. I want to dedicate my life to being a fulltime minister. With the Christian Leaders Institute’s formal training, that little voice will be silenced. I will be more effective and confident in ministry. I also want to grow in my relationship with God.
With CLI’s formal training in church planting, all my dreams will be fulfilled!

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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