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My Story

My name is Linda Adams. I’m a mother of seven and grandmother of eight living in Pennsylvania. This is the story of how I came to Christ Jesus. It’s my journey to become a confident, competent servant leader in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s also about discovering the Christian Leaders Institute for formal quality education in ministry.

I grew up in Philadelphia’s inner city, surrounded by people of many different religions and beliefs. As a result, I didn’t know which was the truth or which was the right god to serve. Thankfully, my aunt, a Christian, would take me to church with her sometimes. There, I was exposed to the Word of God.

My Salvation and Redemption in Christ

My grandfather was a great, impactful man in my life. He was not saved and dabbled in dark magic. However, he gave his life to the Lord on his deathbed. It was the last thing he did. My aunt, who occasionally took me to church, led him to Christ. You could say, “In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up” Isaiah 6:1 ( KJV).

One month later, on Halloween, I gave my life to the Lord, too! Thus, I began my journey with Jesus Christ. I began to attend a local church, but it seemed more interested in exclusion than community. I knew there was more to God than that. Soon, the Lord led me to the Praise and Glory Tabernacle. There, I learned about having a relationship with God and that I was loved despite what I did.

Faith Through the Hard Times

I raised seven children alone, all while enduring personal struggles. It was Jesus Christ who carried me through. I learned that giving my life to Christ was the most impactful decision I had made. I relied on Him in my hardest moments as a single mother. As I grew in the Word of God and in my relationship with Him, He revealed His purpose for my life. He called me to be a pastor. More accurately, a servant leader in sharing the gospel of Christ.

Formal Quality Education at CLI: Reflecting God in My Mission

I’m so grateful that God led me to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), where I get a formal quality education. Although called to ministry, I knew I needed formal training. The Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing for people like me who cannot afford formal quality education. Educational settings can be intimidating. However, the Christian Leaders Institute is accessible, and an intentional, compassionate setting. CLI helps me believe and see that my goals are attainable. I am excited and eager to see how the Lord will use me in my new position as a chaplain/pastor. I am beyond thankful that God saw fit to use the Christian Leaders Institute to do it.

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