Formal Christian Training

Hello, my name is Wayne Wong from San Francisco, California, USA. I am excited to receive formal Christian training at CLI. Currently, I am single and have been wanting to grow closer to God and to serve Him in a more significant way. I am a member of the Millbrae Bible Church in Millbrae, California, about 15 minutes away from San Francisco. My first service the Lord began last year as an usher/greeter. I hesitated to be more active with the church, but as I prayed, the Lord led me to serve as a greeter. As time passed, a new assignment was given to me where I collect tithes and offerings during our Sunday service. The expanded role was significant for me with greater trust from the pastoral staff.

My Early Years

I grew up as an only child, sheltered most of my life. Although I have cousins on both my mom and dad’s side of the family, I was never close to them. My whole family was Buddhist, and that was the only religion I knew, but I did not practice it much. I always felt something was missing in my life. Also, I noticed I often felt lost and angry. I lost many friends due to my negative attitude in life.

Things changed when I attended San Jose State University in 1999. I transferred there after two years at San Francisco State University. San Jose State had an Aviation program, which I wanted. So I was able to stay close to home and yet getaway to be on my own.

Coming to Know the Lord

In the mail, I received an opportunity to be mentored by Asian American men who are doctors, engineers, and businessmen. I took a chance and met with my mentor, Michael Kim, who was a civil engineer at the time. As I got to know him, he told me he ran a Bible study on campus every Thursday. He invited me to the Bible study. Initially, I was reluctant, but I finally decided to go.

To my surprise, it was pleasant to pick up a Bible for the first time. We studied some verses in John. I was amazed at how my perceptions of the Bible were way off base. After attending Bible study regularly, a friend invited me to the Sunday worship service that was 10 minutes away from the campus. The church was called Berkland Baptist Church.

In 2000, my grandfather from my mom’s side was very sick with cancer and a stroke. Unfortunately, he took his life while I was still in my second year of college. It made me seek answers for life, and I needed comfort desperately. My family practiced Buddhism, but it was no help for me. I needed answers and was desperate. Soon, I realized that Jesus is the answer. I had this feeling that I needed to submit my life to Him. One day during worship service, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. About five months later, I received baptism.

Formal Christian Leaders Institute Training

I feel the calling for formal Christian training because I want to mentor others and be able to counsel them when they go through tough times. I hope to serve God in a significant way. The Christian Leaders Institute formal Christian training is what I need. God has a plan for me to expand my horizons and take on a leadership role. One day, I hope to be an elder at the church. Furthermore, I want the church to grow and expand through the outreach of others in the community. I want to lead the lost to Christ.

Please, pray for me to complete this program and to stay faithful and patient with God’s plans for me. Thank you!

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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