Faithful Father

Read how God the Faithful Father has been working in this man’s life through tragedy and triumph to lead him to the ministry like his late grandfather. God has called him to train at Christian Leaders Institute to prepare for the ministry.  

God Is My Faithful Father

My name is Jesse and this is my journey from faithless to faithful by God’s grace and timing. I am excited to serve my Faithful Father in the ministry. I grew up in that stereotypical genre of “I was raised in a church but never really lived my faith.” My late grandfather was a retired Baptist Minister. I spent many a weekend with him and my grandma. He often told me over the years, “You better go into ministry.” I had no clue that God would call me to this very thing until many many years later.

Many years later, I met my dear wife, Carrie, on eHarmony. We suffered through much early in our marriage. We experienced infertility and then the loss of our first daughter McKenna. After that, we have had to see our other daughter Lily suffering through her constant seizures. It was not until the loss of my grandfather in 2018, that God spoke to me about the ministry. He made it obvious what His plans were for me when I inherited my grandfather’s library. It was filled with his sermon notes and various theological books for me to learn and grow from.

So now, I am spending every evening after our daughter goes to bed and falls asleep, studying for free at Christian Leaders Institute. I am working to further my knowledge and practice in becoming a minister for God’s Kingdom through the training I am receiving from Christian Leaders Institute. Soli Deo Gloria.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination and ordained minister study programs with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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