Faith Walk Training

Faith Walk Training

I am John and I am receiving faith walk training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in South Africa. Ministry in South Africa has its challenges and moments. God gives me the strength to overcome anything. There were challenges like when my mother died. That was a hard year for me and my family. There are challenges in my workplace working with difficult people, but I am a listener and like to listen to people and guide them through their difficult times. I like talking to people about God and life.

The Lord has been in my life since when I was young going to the Baptist church. I started to get to know the Lord. I was baptized in the Baptist church. Faith is very important to me because these days we need the Lord to deal with all the stress and struggles.

My ministry dream is that I want to help people get to know God and to share the good news of the gospel. I would love to preach in small churches. I desire to have a lifelong faith walk with Jesus Christ. I want to teach my family to walk with God so that one day they can teach their children. I want to help my fiancé through the sickness she has, encourage, and comfort her.

The faith walk training at CLI has been great. The Ministry 101 class taught me a lot about myself and how to walk with God. It taught me to be patient in my work with people and how to work on the relationship with my future spouse and family.

The challenge I face is that there was and is a spiritual fight against my family since I started to study at Christian Leaders Institute. We have had lots of obstacles that we needed to overcome. I prayed to Jesus to help us out. It was a difficult time for us, but we got through thanks to Jesus’ help.

A pastor is a disciple. He is a role model for people and he is there to represent Jesus Christ as savior. The pastor is someone that wins souls for Jesus. A pastor is what I feel the Lord is calling me to be.

I work for a big company so I am a leader of people. I need God to help me to make wise decisions and to guide me. I value the relationships in my life since they help me grow. My family role is to be a role model for my children and support to my fiancé. I want to show them how great and good God is because without Him we cannot survive.

CLI is important to me because I want to get to know God much better and learn about Jesus’ teachings. Mentorship is very important in my life as well. CLI teaches me that God is everything in our lives and we are to follow Him. I want a faith walk with the Lord daily and to serve Him wherever He leads me. Thank you, CLI.

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