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Are called to be an evangelist? Do you need evangelist training? Does that evangelist training need to free? Christian Leaders Institute offers over 20 classes that prepare you for your calling.

My name is Derek J Backhouse, I am originally from Durban, South Africa and am now living in Omagh, Northern Ireland. I believe that I was told by God to come here as Northern Ireland is desperate for revival.

Living in South Africa was difficult as there was discrimination on the color of skin. I believe that racism is the scourge of the Nations and it is rampant everywhere. My heart is for people to see that in the Kingdom of God, we are under a new culture and creed that is not based on color and country.

I believe that I was led to Christian Leaders institute by the Holy Spirit.  I came upon it randomly and the site “jumped out at me” so to speak. I believe that God has called me to receive evangelist training and preach the good news of the resurrection.  The gospel is ALL that will save us in the days to come. I believe that we are nearing the final harvest, the final revival, and I am committed to being an integral part of it.

By the time I was 11 years old I had read my Bible from cover to cover many times but I still yearn for more. My motive for doing these courses is to increase my understanding of the word. These courses are easy to understand and learn from.

When I became a Christian and received Jesus as Lord I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and it certainly hasn’t been, but what a journey it has been so far. I am very excited to be given another opportunity to study the word of God as I have not been able to afford a Bible college up until now.

Please pray for the will of God in my life.  Spiritually speaking, the town where I am living is dead.  The people of Northern Ireland are still very bitter about the religious conflicts of the past and blame God for it, but I believe that He loves Northern Ireland and am willing and able to be sent by Him to minister to them.

Christian Leaders Institute offers a Christian Leaders Ordination certificate and registration 0n the Christian Leaders Directory. This Ordination is a nice completion of evangelist training and confirmation that you have completed advanced Evangelist training at CLI. It also gives the graduate of CLI an Christian Leaders Ordination card.

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