English Ministry Training in China

English Ministry Training in China

Getting Quality English ministry training in China used to be very difficult. The Chrisitan Leaders Institute English Ministry Training in China has been accessed by an ever-growing number of Christian leaders who live in China. Christian Leaders Institute is dedicated to bringing free, high-quality english ministry training everywhere supported by Vision Partners worldwide. The English language ministry curriculum is carefully designed not to become involved with ruling governments. Instead, CLI promote academically rigorous ministry training that helps Christians thrive in peace wherever they live.

Here is a Chinese Ph.D. Christian Leader who has taken our English training. His name is withheld. Here is his story.

Like many traditional Chinese households, I came from a Buddhist family in which my mother and my grandmother was a Buddhists. My two younger sisters and I were “given” to the Buddha when we were young for the sake of receiving his blessing. My father was an atheist but he followed the ritual. We were given the fantasy that the Buddha was a Santa-Clause. My mom always told us to worship the Buddha by heart and our wish would be realized. So my sisters and I followed and most of the time it was true.

When the first time I was away from home for college, I met my very good classmate, and now my wife. She was very devoted in Christ and to me it was crazy. She gave me a Bible in 2002 and began to pray for me since then. It was 15 years ago. She was the first person to pray for my salvation.

After college, I returned to Hong Kong while she stayed in San Francisco with her family. I still joined my mom and grandma to monasteries and practiced the usual worship. My wife and I became boyfriend and girlfriend in 2009 and we were in a 3-year long distance relationship. We visited churches on Sundays whenever we were together, sometimes in HK, sometimes in San Francisco. I mirrored my past experience to church, thinking that God was also a Santa-Clause. I was very stubborn. Pastor Jim and Elaine gave very good sermons about tough times in the last few weeks, I basically denied tough times. And I doubt.

My parents separated in 2012. They are not divorced, but separated. I was forced by my mother and my sister to buy an apartment for my father. I told them I couldn’t get married if I buy him the apartment. Where the money come? But I gave in because I lost the debate. I had been very bitter until our real marriage took place in 2015. I don’t want to spend too much time on that but I you to know my journey was very bitter in the past few years. I began to think why this kind of thing would happen to a devoted Buddhist. Didn’t they receive blessing from the Buddha?

My wife came to Hong Kong in 2012 September as a PhD students at HKU. We hang out more often and went to church almost every Sunday. I still felt bitter and I doubt about God. I guess I received a vision from God during Easter in 2014.
1st scene – cross floating on a sea of blood.

2nd scene – a stained glass window open with a man in white robe behind.

To be honest, I didn’t care at all. I still treat God as a Santa-Clause. Whenever He granted my wish, I was happy, otherwise, I was in doubt again.

But the more I came to church, the more that I listen to God’s words, the more that I experienced with people having faith in God, I felt peace. And God also saved my wife’s live many times. There were few times in the past my wife encountered life-and-death sickness. We prayed to God. He better the situation. My wife has been praying for my parents to reunite, and there seems to be improvement.

My understanding is that it is a living God. And he did answer prayer. Only when you have enough faith in Him, you will see that He always helps you and answers your prayer, in His timing and in His plan however. For my wife’s case, God healed her right away. For my conversion to Christian, it took 15 years of prayer. I don’t know why. But I do have faith in Him. Last December I quit my job and my wife received her PhD degree finally. We were both full-time jobless. We prayed together. And we cried together. We set up a company to do business and hoping that the profit will be sufficient enough to build Christian schools in 3rd world countries. It was my wife’s wishes. And I thought it was very crazy. But I respect my wife and we have faith God will help. Just a few weeks ago, we found some potential cash-flow. And things are starting to put into place. I see the green light God gives us. And I just want to be baptised right away before any of our actual carried out. It would be my promise to God. And I want to follow Jesus Christ, who baptised before carrying out his ministry work. So this is it.

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