Empowering Women

“My dream is to start a mentorship tree for empowering women in Christ that will continue to grow yearly till we reach more women in Malawi and on the continent.”

Empowering Women

My name is Milandu Mwale and I am empowering women in Christ in Malawi. I am living in Malawi in the capital city Lilongwe. I have 12 siblings. I am married with three daughters. I gave my life to Jesus when I was 13 years old at a Christian student gathering in high school. Malawi has a high illiteracy rate, highest amongst women, and many women who don’t have income. However, the role of women in the Malawian family cannot be underestimated and saved and empowered women have the potential for reaching out for Jesus in the wider community.

When I was young and a first-generation believer in my family, I hungered for some mentorship and guidance. The more I craved this the more the Lord continued to impress upon me my call in this area. When I was in college studying to be a science teacher, the Lord continued to strengthen me and showed me the gaps that existed in the body of Christ in disciple-making. Ten years later, the Lord gave me the words from Titus 2 on mentorship cementing my call. In 2015, I started a ministry (online) called “Titus 2 Ministry” which is empowering women in Christ.

As the founder of the ministry, I felt the Lord leading me to invest in learning the how-to of ministry and the teaching of God’s word. My dream for ministry is to establish a mentorship academy. It would be a school that would provide mentorship to women, women’s ministries, women in business, women in the corporate world, on standing for Jesus and living a Godly life. My dream is to start a mentorship tree empowering women in Christ that will continue to grow yearly till we reach more women in Malawi and on the continent.

As a teacher, this was a no-brainer. If we demand a high school diploma to teach ABC’s to our children; how much more do we need to teach the treasures of God’s truth. In searching for a school that allowed flexibility in learning, God led me to Christian Leaders Institute. This is a treasure I hold so dear. A gift from God. This class has brought alive many teachings I have heard from sermons and have read in the scripture. It has strengthened my walk with Jesus a lot. It has helped me reflect on my personal walk with him.

I most identify with the word Pastor. I often find myself working with people that need help with their fresh or renewed walk with Jesus. As an ordained Elder at my church, some of the things I have supported my church with have been development of Sunday school curriculum, membership class curriculum and I have taught a number of these classes. But as the Lord deeply called me to mentorship, I found myself mobilizing women in my church to start a small group that mentored girls, we called it “DOVE” – “daughters of virtue and excellence.” A program that offers mentorship to women. In recent years, I have worked with “Sister-international Ministry” in training women mentors. My pastor is very supportive of this ministry and continues to encourage me on this spiritual journey to equip myself to serve!

This scholarship is very important to me, as it opens doors of opportunities and most of all it equips me for ministry. It is timely and God sent to prepare me to serve in my calling of empowering women in Christ. I pray that this training gives me the necessary tools to reach out to the lost people in my home country and help women to grow into people that would be able to mentor others.

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