Elisha Masiku is a man called by God, but without the free training offered by CLI he would have been unable to pursue his calling further than his local church. Here is his testimony.

CLI studentI am writing to submit and communicate to you my personal information in brief. I am a Malawian man happily married to a wife of course with no children. My family and I love God so much and we shall live to serve Him as our heavenly Father who has saved millions of Malawians. As a Malawian, I would like to inform you that God has done a lot in our country, even though we are having problems in doing what God wants us to do in line with His word in its entirety of context without missing some fundamental truth of God. I Love God, for He so loved the world that He gave only begotten son that who so ever believes in him SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVER LASTING LIFE.

I became the beloved of Christ empowered to God’s sonship when I was 13 years of age. Indeed I should indicate that I do not have much to testify about how I got saved at that age. I only remember that the one who adopted me loved God very much. In fact he is the pastor of Peace ministries Church of God, who could not resist preaching the word of God to me. I accepted right away the anointed word of Christ. I want to follow the example of this pastor in a sense of becoming a pastor too with several college papered work experience as of Christian Institute.

Wonderfully at present as the one of the leaders at my Church do feels good to be a well trained member of Christ’s family with your CLI mentorship so that my fellow leaders and I can successfully lead people with conflict free leadership compared as it has been before. And as the pastor’s backup in my Church i am so grateful seeing that what I have obtained from the getting started course has already started bearing fruits to the work of God. Generally the Church has been so supportive of my ministry considering how they (people) and God have trusted me for this period of more than thirteen years of experience. I am also thankful to my family from grandparents through all family members for their support for me. I am thankful that I can have the great opportunity of studying with CLI. I truly thank God for this: especially for my mother who is alive by now and not forgetting those that died.

The scholarship is so important for me because it will help me understand how I can reach people who have been called by God.

I pray you that you should pray for me to have enough financial support so that God’s work can reach the remotest area of Malawi, which I am from, as well as other places hardly reached; which I pray shall be reached by those that I have reached with this God’s truth. Amen.

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