Education in ministry and Bible

My name is Adrian Wilson. I am 43 years old and married to Amanda, my wife of 22 years. We have four children and live in Oklahoma. We moved here about a year and a half ago from Colorado. I am getting an education in ministry and the Bible at the Christian Leaders Institute.

My Story

As a child, I was Lutheran. However, I spent my formative years in the Catholic Church. My mother was my Sunday school teacher and religious guide for a long time. Later in life, I received adult baptism into the Christian faith and know God saved me. I know Jesus and the Father have forgiven me. Sometimes, it’s hard to forgive myself. I’m not proud of everything I have done in my past, but I look forward to the future.

For 23 years, I attended and served in the Christian church. I’ve attended several churches over the years and finally found a good home church. It was a church plant that came out to Colorado. The minister and I became fast friends. My wife and I started at a tiny church in the back of a carpet shop. We watched it grow to over five campuses; thousands call it their home church.

After that, we moved to the small plant church. The Lord is moving through this church. However, it is not without its trials. Getting transferred from one school to another and getting trailers stolen has been rough for my pastor and the church family. Two of our sons and our daughter received baptism there.

Called and Getting an Education in Ministry and Bible

As I’m getting older (or, as I like to say, “wiser”), I have felt a calling to serve the Lord more and more. I have such a thirst for knowledge about our heavenly Father. Finally, I decided to take a further step and get an education in my passion. That’s when I found the Christian Leaders Institute for my education in ministry and Bible knowledge.

A little about my background: I was an apprentice mason under my father, who was an apprentice under his father. From my understanding masonry dates back many generations in my family tree. I’m blessed to be able to build things with my hands. I’ve heard lately that Jesus himself may have done masonry. I find it exciting to know I may be in the same trade as Jesus.

I’m ready to start a new life, following Jesus and learning more about the Bible. I want to be able to answer questions when they arise and to take ministry into scary places like jails and prisons. Therefore, I see myself as a chaplain for the jail and prison inmates who may need some reminding that Jesus still loves them. More importantly, I want to be a man who leads his family in the right direction to follow Jesus.

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