Educated Christian Leader

“I hope Christian Leaders Institute can provide me the tools and wisdom for becoming a better and educated Christian leader.”

Becoming An Educated Christian Leader

My name is Larry Nicholson. I am a 49-year-old man residing in Plano, TX, USA, originally from Omaha, NE. I was blessed to have two loving parents who took me to church at a young age. Confirmed in the Methodist Church at the age of 9 years old, I was rebellious early in my life. I got into some legal trouble as a teen.

Back when I was a teenager, convicted of a felony and sentenced to a short jail term, I realized that the circumstances could have been much worse. I received a second chance. Although my parents and the judge contributed, I firmly believed the opportunity I received was being given by God. It was then, that I chose to alter my lifestyle and beliefs and serve him.

After divorcing from my first wife in 1997, I looked to God for answers. I invited the Holy Spirit into my heart, and thus I began a more profound spiritual journey and relationship with God. It was during this journey that my relationship with God the Father and Jesus grew. I found compassion and selflessness. I realized a new sense of joy by helping and caring for others. God used me to share His word with them at crucial times in their lives. In return, God used them to enrich my life and spiritual growth. I have some tremendous friends with deep Christian faith that I can rely on for truth and accountability.

God has blessed me with skills and leadership qualities that to this day I use to serve Him and minister to others. I build my relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible study, prayer, and the Church. I have recently started a ministry called “Trinity Billiards.” Two people who inspired me to take this ministry journey are Steve Lillis, founder of Gospel Trickshot Ministries, and Dr. Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman, founder of R.A.C.K (Recreational Ambassadors for Christ’s Kingdom). The personal objective we all share is to bring the good news of the Gospel to other pool players who may be lost or searching.

Christian Leaders Institute is bringing me a wealth of new hope, ideas, and information all of which renews my passion and dedication to serving our Lord, Jesus Christ in the building of my ministry – Trinity Billiards. The Christian Leaders Institute can provide me with the tools and wisdom for becoming a better and educated Christian leader. A colleague of mine steered me towards CLI as a viable opportunity to receive a degree and become ordained so that I have credibility with others.

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