Dream Ministry Training

Dream Ministry Training

My name is Adetayo Adebowale and I am receiving dream ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live currently in Nigeria with my wife Anarhlia who is from Australia. I was the assembly Pastor of Mountain of Fire Church in Johannesburg, South Africa for three years before relocating back to Nigeria to apply for Australian travel documents.

I had always wanted to go to a seminary for proper ministry training, but I lacked the finances. Although I was ordained in my local church after completing their school of ministry, I still wanted to learn from an outside school for more knowledge and certificates. I got married in July of 2017 to my beautiful wife who is an Australian. Her dad is a Bishop and traveled with her a lot before we got married. Through one of their mission trips to South Africa, we got connected, and two years after our friendship began, we got married. After our wedding, it was necessary for us to relocate back to Nigeria to do an Australian Visa which will enable us to start a ministry there.

God directed me to things to do for the calling he has given me and my wife. One night, I was sleeping and had a dream that I was searching Google’s search engine for free ministry training. When I woke up, I went online to search for a free ministry seminary in Australia. Then Christian Leaders Institute showed up. CLI offered free high-quality ministry training! I couldn’t believe it until I read the welcome page. At that point, I knew God was leading me to this school. Since I started, I’m more confident in my walk with the Lord. Sometimes I wonder how I hadn’t known about the school since, for many years, I had a hunger for a degree in theology.

Recently, I started a mentoring program for young pastors and leaders to equip them in their ministerial journey. I believe what I’m learning at CLI will enable me to be more effective with a sound biblical knowledge and doctrine.

My gratitude to the founder, lecturers, and partners of this great school. Thank you for allowing people like me and many around the world to have high-quality online ministry training. The CLI scholarship will do more for me than you expect.

Learn about “ecuministry” minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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