Discipleship and Evangelism - Sunday's Story

CLI student Sunday Mundi had a dream that he would be called to preach the word of God. He enrolled at CLI to recieve the education he needs to do this effectively and without financial obligation. Here is his story…

Discipleship and Evangelism – Sunday’s Story

My name is Sunday Samuel Mundi, Nigeria,West Africa;In the 2005 after I gave my life to Christ in program that a film pilgrims progress was shown and alter call was made by missionaries from the US,i had an unusual experience when I was on my bed sleeping I dreamt that Jesus came to me ask my sister and told me that He will come for me oh! That was so scary cause I was thinking its death or rapture but alas i had another vision he came and told me that he has call me to preach with sign following,then we began a Street Evangelism and so many came to his saving grace, proceed to hospital evangelism as patient receive Jesus, healing leaving the wards empty,we continue from one village to another,which was very effective,as of the time of this report I have Muslim converts of about fifteen in number serving God to a high capacity, except one that was desperate about marriage got into the hand of a Muslim man but because we had no much time to follow her up she went back in which one of the challenges we are facing is there is no much funding for followup,discipleship and evangelism from place to place.we are planning to acquire a place for training outside the fierce settlement of the unbelievers cause they fight those that gives their lives to Jesus,my family have been of encouragement time to time they visit consistently especially my elder brother ,after the visitation of Jesus I have always had dreams of preaching Jesus to a great extent,please pray that God give more convert to us as we go out to preach Jesus as I believe strongly that this scholarship will be given to me.


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