Blessings, everyone. I’m Rev. Dr. Michael Dwayne Dowdy from The United States Of America.

I’m a disabled 56-year-old white man that has Lupus, Parkinson’s, and seizures. Prior to my disabilities, I worked five years as a Certified Nursing Assistant, 20 years as a nurse, 12 years as a teacher, and three years as a vollege tutor. I also served in the U.S Air Force as a Medic/LPN for three years before getting a medical discharge.

I came to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior at age 16, in 1974. I was baptized at the Cedar Knob Baptist Church of Harker Heights, Texas by Rev. Sutton in 1975.

I’m a single father of three adult children: daughters-Brandi (age-27), & Laura (age 25), and an adopted son-Sean (age 20). My Hometown is Killeen, Texas USA.

I’m an ordained/licensed minister since 1990 and a certified Christian Pastoral Counselor since 2007. It’s been my lifelong adulthood religious calling and my personal goal/dream to start an independent Christian ministry towards helping those unsaved or backsliding souls. To help those that feel un-welcomed, unworthy, unloved, and under-appreciated in today’s churches or ministries find a closer walk with God /Jesus in their daily lives.

I came to CLI looking for additional formal ministry training. Due to my current physical disabilities and economic instability, it would have been extremely difficult to attend a traditional seminary or Bible college.

CLI has been a blessing and has made it possible for me to gain more biblical formal education and ministerial leadership skills to be a better-equipped pastor.

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