Denominational Confusion

Getting Through the Denominational Confusion

My name is Shawn Burchett, I live in rural Vanceburg, Kentucky in the United States. I’m blessed to be married to my wife, Sara, of almost 10 years. We have no children but many nieces and nephews who brings us much joy.

I grew up with denominational confusion in my life.  My dad’s family went to one denomination and my mom’s to another.   Each denomination said that the other was wrong. I knew I needed Christ but I didn’t want to go to hell for choosing the wrong church.

Not long after my wife and I married she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. We began visiting other churches, of one we liked, a little baptist church. There my mind and heart began to open. I began searching. Then one Sunday morning, I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In my search I found that it wasn’t about denomination, but about the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed for us.

I then struggled with the call to preach for almost two years before I accepted my calling. It was a continuous battle. Was it pride? Was I good enough? Could I do it? Then finally I knew I had to preach. It was a fire inside. It didn’t matter if the church agreed, (which they did), family agreed, or anyone else I knew. I had to preach the gospel. About a year later I was ordained and licensed to preach. Friends, family and the church agreed and many said they had seen it for a long time.

With so much denomination confusion in my little community, the unbelievers are confused. I hope and dream to cross the denominational barriers to preach the gospel, to reach the unreached, and to share the love of Jesus Christ. Even if I only reach one, it would be worth it.

I am very blessed to come across CLI. I had been praying and searching for a while to find training that was true to God’s Word and that I could afford. I was almost ready to close the door on it because of finances when I found CLI. Now with my pastor who is my mentor, CLI, and God, I can be equipped to reach the lost.

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