Malaysia Bible School – The Bible school class Sermon Construction and Presentation is just one of many offered at Christian Leaders Institute. At the end of this class, students are asked to write a final paper reflecting on what the class has taught them and how it has impacted their ministry. As Daniel Tang reflects on this Bible school course, he talks about an aspect that impacted him. “It [sermon preparation] involves thinking of factors such as the audience, the occasion, the place, and the need of the audience as well as engaging in research and study of the scriptures. I was given important tips in anchoring my audience in a presentation and turning information which is hard to digest into something the audience can easily grasp or visualize.  I was prompted to think from the perspective of the audience and get to my points quickly.” He further adds, “A good sermon should, among other criteria, be biblical, proclaim the gospel and click with the audience’s life. It should have elements that prompt the audience and leave them pondering on the message even after they left the gathering.” This Bible school course, Sermon Construction and Presentation, is available to all students at Christian Leaders Institute at no personal expense.

Malaysia Bible School Certificates

This Malaysia Bible School model started with a class called Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate. In this class, students are introduced to the CLI Bible school experience and asked to share some introductory information about themselves with the faculty. As he speaks of the need for a Bible school scholarship, Daniel Tang says “to be effective in my ministry and to realise my ministry dream, I need to be equipped first with necessary bible knowledge and leadership skills myself. The course will confer me a better understanding of my faith while train me to approach my ministry in a more systematic and effective way. It will also give me insight into raising leaders.” Daniel Tang was enrolled in and successfully completed Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate, and has gone on to complete other Bible school courses with his scholarship to Christian Leaders Institute.

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