Christian Leaders Institute Courses

Christian Leaders Institute offers free online courses. Dr. David Feddes, our Provost, leads a team of over fifty professors. They have crafted free online courses exploring topics in general education, ministry, Bible, Theology, Philosophy, and Christian Enterprise.

A great deal of time and attention goes into the development of each course. Some courses are designed for awards, certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Christian Leaders Institute benefit from these types of courses. Christian Leaders Institute is passionate about present free digital awards or low-cost award credentials reaching the greatest possible of people seeking our training.

These same courses have also been designed at a high standard that matches college credential programs. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, therefore, uses these courses to create a college program. The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School applies standards of collegiate process. The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School uses selected courses for their college program.

Some of the courses have been designed for the clergy program of the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Courses Available


Complete this Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) admissions class. You will receive a scholarship that covers all CLI classes and digitals awards in subjects like ministry, enterprise, general education, communications, life skills, philosophy, and much more. These classes of CLI are provided to you by the generosity of Vision Partners, who give to make these free classes possible.

Christian Leaders Connections

The Christian Leaders Connections Class launches your Christian Leaders Institute education at Christian Leaders Institute. This Christian Leaders Connections Course is a getting started orientation class that allows you to do well in all the courses at Christian Leaders Institute. In this course, and only in this course, you are allowed to take the quizzes more than once. See Full Course Description