Christian Leaders Connections(3 Credits)
Professor Henry Reyenga, President of Christian Leaders Ministries 

Does ministry define you? Are you called to minister to others?

This course is the “getting started” class for the ministry division of the Christian Leaders Institute. This Christian Leaders Connection course functions as an excellent getting started class because, in this class, you are allowed to take the quizzes more than once. This helps you get familiar with the quizzing process used for study at Christian Leaders Institute.

This course is especially relevant for those on the ministry track because it explores both “ministry” and “calling” at a deeper level.

Note: This course will “feel” more repetitious than future courses you will take at CLI because this is the first English course that non-English native speakers will take at CLI. This gives them an opportunity to get familiar with the words and phrases of ministry training. 


  1. Become further connected to Christian Leaders Ministries and learn about the opportunities for training, credentials, certifications, and ordination. 
  2. Learn about the “Minister Way.”
  3. Learn how the role of ministry training will empower your influence with others as you share God’s Word.
  4. Develop an awareness of the role of sound biblical doctrine. 
  5. Become aware of the differences between volunteer, part-time, and full-time ministry roles, and how you can connect with Christian Leaders Ministries opportunities. 
  6. Explore your calling to ministry and your gifts for ministry. 
  7. Become aware of the role of mentoring in your ministry journey.
  8. Learn how a reproducible walk with God will aid your ministry effectiveness.
  9. Successfully enroll at CLI, establish your Minister (student) Profile with Photo, and receive your scholarship to take free college-level correspondence classes at Christian Leaders Institute. 
  10. Continue to develop your written”minister” profile or testimony for more effective witness.


View all online lectures and read all the articles for each unit. CLI tracks whether or not you do this.

Take the online quiz for each unit. You will have 45 minutes to answer the questions for each quiz. In this class, you will be allowed two retakes on the quizzes. We do this so that you can become familiar with how the quizzing process is conducted at Christian Leaders Institute. You should be able to start your ministry training with an excellent grade.  Most classes only allow one attempt.

Quiz Taking Tip: First, answer all the questions you know. Then try to look up answers to questions you don’t know. When you have entered an answer for every question, submit the quiz for grading before the 45-minute limit expires.

Grading Scale
A 95-100%   A- 90-94%   B+ 87-89%   B 83-86%   B- 80-82%   C+ 77-79%   C 73-76%   C- 70-72%    D+ 67-69%   D 63-66%   D- 60-62%   F 0-59%
Your average grade for all assignments in the class must be at least 60%. Otherwise, you will fail the class and will receive no course credit.

Course Feedback

At the end of this course, your final quiz will entail providing feedback about this course to CLI. This feedback enables CLI to make improvements to the course as needed. The following feedback questions will be asked:

1. How will this class specifically help you in your ministry calling? 

2. What did you like about this class? What topics were covered effectively?

3. Were there any questions that need to be reviewed by CLI for better clarity?

4. Are there additional specific topics you believe should have been covered? 

5. What could be done to improve this course? 

Because it may take several months to complete some courses, recalling details from early in the course may be difficult. Therefore, prior to beginning the course, the student is encouraged to create a personal log for the course in which he or she can keep a running record of items related to the above questions. The student will then have notes to which they can refer for answering the feedback questions. This log can be as simple as a sheet of paper, or the use of your favorite document/note-taking software. Your detailed feedback enables CLI to make the course the best it can be!

You have 180 days to finish the course. Complete all assignments before the final deadline, or you will be automatically withdrawn from the course and all coursework will be removed. You will have to start over and retake the class to receive credit.