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Free Courageous Leader Training at CLI

I am George Guramatunhu, I am excited about the free courageous leader training at CLI. Born in Zimbabwe, I am, currently, staying in South Africa as I take refuge from the worsening economic environment back home. I grew up without a father. My mother worked on the farms to provide for us, and I would see her when she visited us in the rural areas of Gokwe.

Knowing God and following what he instructs us makes me long to live according to his will. I grew up in an extended family. Although we were encouraged to go to church, there were some churches which we were not allowed to attend. We especially were not to go to churches where there was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. As such now and then, my uncle and I would go to those churches without permission. We went because we found more enjoyment there than at our usual church.

Saved by God’s Grace and Free Ministry Training at CLI

My mother died when I was in high school. After high school, I did some courses with WBS. I found console in the messages from the scriptures. My knowledge of God grew, and I then met a certain man who was a leader of the church in which I was later baptized. His name was Luckmore Liani, may his soul rest in peace. He made me realize that living without the Lord Jesus is not an option. Because Jesus loves us, we ought to reciprocate the love he has for mankind.

God has been good to me. I had nothing then, however, now I am blessed with a wife and four children. We all know Jesus is our Savior. I am hopeful that getting the courageous leader training at Christian Leaders Institute will equip me with confidence and competence. My spiritual dream is to spread the good news to the people in the area where I reside, especially since there is a language barrier. Apart from that, I think I can gain more understanding of how we can go about shepherding the sheep of the Lord. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity to receive courageous leader training.

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