A common theme echoed throughout the Bible is a call to revival. Almost all of the prophets’ messages called for some form of revival to occur among the people. At Christian Leaders Institute, we believe that spiritual revival is still central to the growth and prosperity of the church. It is our sincere prayer that men and women trained at Christian Leaders Institute will spring up to become leaders in a new revival.

In the bible school class Missions and Revivals, our students learn about revivals that occurred in the past. A final paper in the Missions and Revivals course requires students to reflect on what they learned in the course and lists steps that they can take to be instruments of revival in their home countries. One student, Clifford Kamwanza of Zimbabwe, writes, “During this course I understand the power of prayer, during my studies I understood that prayer is a powerful tool that can change things. I found out that the missionaries and revivalists relied on prayer for their success.” In the second part of his paper where he describes steps he can take, Clifford lists the organization of prayer meetings first. This illustrates the depth of the understanding of prayer and its power that Clifford gained in this Bible school course.

Bible School Certificates Offered at Christian Leaders Institute

Clifford Kamwanza began where every other CLI student begins: with the Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate course. This introduces students to the CLI Bible school model and asks them to introduce themselves to the CLI faculty. In his final assignment in the Getting Started course, Clifford writes “I am Called in Missionary and Evangelism currently I chair the Ministry in my church. I would like to be more effective in the ministry. My dreams are to travel around the globe with missionary work and Evangelizing.” His main ministry goal is to devote his entire life to carrying out the great commission, and at Christian Leaders Institute he is gaining knowledge and understanding. Clifford Kamwanza is receiving instruction at this Bible school that could help him grow into a leader in the next great revival.

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