church planting dream

Church Planting Dream

My name is Marcus Smith, and I have a dream and desire to establish my first church plant. I have been a minister for over 20 years. God has used me to spread the gospel through preaching, singing, and writing at my local church, visiting churches, family, and friends. I have a desire to pastor and lead a congregation (either unchurched or churched) to know God/Jesus through the scriptures and for them to understand how to live this life as a Christian.

Conversion and Christian Walk

My family and I have been church members since I was a little boy. I loved the church, listening to the choir sing and our pastor preach. I also loved the Bible stories in Sunday School. At home, I read the Bible and was very knowledgeable of the scriptures, but I didn’t submit my life to Christ. Even though I was in church all my life, I rejected salvation.

As a teenager, my friends and television influenced me about how to behave and live. It was contrary to what the Bible tells us. At age 15, I renounced living for the devil at our Wednesday night service and received salvation. Throughout my Christian walk, I have grown in my understanding of the scriptures and how I am to live and represent my faith. Though I had many failures, I matured and still am maturing through God’s grace and mercy.

Family and Career

I married Keiara Smith, and we have been together for 17 years. We have two children: our daughter Kalaiha, who is sixteen, and our son Israel, who is eight. We live in Greenville, Texas, where the city’s population continues to grow.

I am an Athletic Director and head basketball and track coach at Pioneer Technology and Arts Academy in Greenville, Texas. My hobbies are listening to music, playing basketball, spending time with my family, reading, writing (songs, poems, and inspirational pieces), and reading and studying the word of God.

Church Planting Dream and Study at CLI

Pastor and I know the Christian Leaders Institute will give me the biblical and practical knowledge to walk in the service that God has for my life. I’m so glad that I found the Christian Leaders Institute. God has called and given me a church planting dream.
This journey that God is taking me on is so incredible!

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