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Christian Renewal – Our past does not define who we are in Christ. Only our present and our future in Jesus define our lives today. christian renewalThis is what Christian renewal is all about!

Christi, a student at CLI, found herself in a very difficult situation because of the path she had chosen in her life. As she says, “I didn’t want to hurt anymore. I didn’t want to be bad, but I didn’t know how to get out of it. And while I sat in someone else’s car about to steal it….I cried and begged him to pull me out of this. This was not who he created me to be. I begged him to take my pain. I wanted him to take my life. But he wouldn’t. All my life, I have begged him to take my pain. I thought the only answer was death.”

Now Christi knows that she has died to sin and is alive in Christ Jesus. She knows that her Christian renewal has changed her life. She writes, “As women we are so distracted by society, we do not want to walk with God to know the truth about our heart’s desires. God has given us this desire to want a marriage union, but we (for the most part) don’t understand how to do it correctly because we’re distracted from God’s word.” She is now studying God’s Word at Christian Leaders Institute in training to be a woman of God who can bring Christian renewal to others as she leads them to the path of truth.

Too often, the enemy will use our past to haunt us and make us believe that God does not want us to be His chosen instruments of truth in our society.  Our hearts are filled with the despair of not knowing how to get out of the terrible situation in which we find ourselves. The enemy (Satan) taunts us with the idea that the only way out is to die. Christi found the real truth, however, when she picked up a Bible to read why it was that God did not end her life.  There she discovered that the enemy had been feeding her lies to convince her that her past defined her future.

Christian Renewal Through the Word of God

God’s Word set her free from those lies. She now is learning more and more about this God who saved her in Jesus. Why?  So that she in turn can bring the freedom of the Truth of God to others in the bondage of failed and destructive relationships. Christi is being raised up by God to be a revival leader in her family, among her friends, and even to people she meets on the streets of her Kansas home town. She is bringing Christian renewal everywhere.

Christi is thankful that God has prepared a place like CLI where people can be trained to be revival leaders. She writes, “Thank you Henry!! I am beyond blown away of the compassion you and your colleagues have shown by putting this school together. You have enabled God to reach his children who have him in our hearts to carry on his perfect will for us and to speak to many others whom God puts in our path.” Give thanks to God with us that He has saved Christi from her destructive path and given her a new life in his Son Jesus. To Him be the glory!

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