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Christian Ministry Training for Free at CLI

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa Orin, and I am receiving Christian ministry training for free at CLI. I am 50 years old and live in a small town named East Liverpool, Ohio, in the USA. I have three grown adult children ages 27, 25, and 23. In my home, I have a female pitbull named Raven. I have five kitties: Cleo, Spooky, Sadie, Gracie, and Gypsy.

I separated from my husband in 2014; however, financial reasons have kept me from paying for a divorce. So, it is still something in progress. I am a Home Health Aide, but recently took a leave of absence due to some spinal issues for which I am seeking medical attention.

I grew up Catholic. A friend of mine down the street from my family asked me to go to his Pentecostal Church. I have claimed that as my faith since. I have wandered from Jesus many times in my youth. However, He has left “the 99” many times for me.


In 2015, I dated a man that eventually ended up in jail. On March 11, 2016, he asked me to bring him pain pills (Percocet) and a few joints (marijuana) to a corrections officer. I was to meet that officer in the parking lot with those items inside a Burger King bag with their food order. I did it, and they caught me. Nine months in the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) in Marysville, Ohio, for the conveyance of drugs into a corrections facility was my sentence. At that time, I was also a horrible drug addict and alcohol abuser.

My sentencing date was January 23, 2017. They arrested me and took me directly to our county jail. On February 3, 2017 (my 47th birthday), I was then shipped out to prison in Marysville. A few months later, I learned that since my crime was only a level one, I was eligible to be transported to Cleveland to the North East Reintegration Center (NERC) in Cleveland, Ohio. I moved from the evilest place that I had ever been with a population of over 3,000 (levels one through five) to a level one facility with a population of around 500.

Time for a Change in Christ

I applied to be in a faith-based unit and received acceptance. I felt I needed to get right with Jesus as soon as I hit those prison gates in February. So, I took classes of healing. We often prayed in our unit and had many courses available. However, I knew something was missing – my Recovery. With four months left of my sentence, I applied for the recovery unit, and they accepted me with open arms.

I completed Celebrating Recovery, which was faith-based. Then, I took another course that was six weeks long and struck me. I had made excuses for my addictions for 30 years. My release date was October 2, 2017. On January 27, 2018, I lost my father. Although I continued to keep my faith and stayed true to my Recovery, I slipped into a deep depression filled with anxiety and isolated myself.

In June of 2019, after many failed relationships, I decided to stop dating and took a vow of celibacy to focus on my relationship with Jesus. The Bible, God’s Word, rescued me from depression, anxiety, sadness, and anger. I have spent every day since in His Word reading, doing devotions, and learning how to pray. I attended church regularly, served during outreaches, and was a leader in the church.

A New Church and My Calling

Then, a local church, Hope Christian Fellowship, opened The Freedom Home, a free, voluntary, six months faith-based, inpatient recovery program for women. I prayed for the Lord to reveal what my purpose is. He did! It is to that church and The Freedom Home to help those women. I meet with them often and have developed a great relationship with those girls.

I wanted to become a staff member there. The home is very structured, and we do hold chapel there once a week, along with church and worship days. My time has been mostly volunteer with the ladies up to this past week. The administrator and the pastor asked me to start training for a position to work in the home. We have two wonderful ladies at the house that are doing very well in their walk with Jesus. I am doing a Bible study “How to Hear from God” by Joyce Myers with the girls at the Freedom Home. I want to continue to work with these ladies and, in other areas reaching out to addicts.

Christian Ministry Training for Free at CLI

However, I want to do it with as much God-given knowledge as possible. That is where my journey begins and why I joined the Christian Leaders Institute. Due to some physical limitations and a leave of absence, I am easing back into work again. Therefore, I have little income. I was so excited to see that CLI has legitimate, free courses in Christian ministry training. I want to reach as many addicts suffering like I once did and bring them to Jesus. So, I need to be ready and prepared for that battle.

I am so thankful for CLI at this time. I am just now easing back into work after my physical issues the enemy used to hinder my calling. My income is minimal at this time, and I cannot wait to be able to donate funds to help others like me one day soon, because I know my Jesus will cover me. Please keep the ladies and me in your prayers!

Please pray for me as I continue this journey as a servant of Jesus. I celebrated three years of sobriety on January 23, 2020. My pastors, Don and Josh Lytle, are my mentors. By the grace of God, I’ve been made new. “For you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14. Peace and love to all!

I’m looking forward to watching God move mountains in my life. Peace and love to all!

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