Christian Ministry Education

Christian Ministry Education

I am Sherry J. McGregor and I am receiving my Christian ministry education at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in the United States. I am thankful that we are not only free to worship, but we also have many Christian based churches in my area and no matter where one is on Sunday, there is always a church nearby. I came to know the Lord in a way that is similar to many—a church service, conviction and the sinner’s prayer. Yet, it was many years before I found a church where I began to grow in the Spirit.

I am a Christian novelist and I believe that anything about God’s word or His principles that I use in my books must be accurate and lead people toward God. I also believe that if a person has a talent, they should use that gift to glorify God. Therefore, my books always have something that points toward God. My writing is also used in Christian columns and stories that I am blessed to put into two annual sections of a local newspaper. Through this, it has been emerging into a form of ministry. After joining Toastmasters International, it became apparent that I have speaking talent and that my heart was being drawn to teach God’s word. I believe that I may have something to offer to a women’s ministry. For both writing and a woman’s ministry, I need more knowledge and training through a Christian ministry education.

This class has taught me principles that I had not known before and even when I thought, “This really is not for me,” something kept pulling me forward—something inside me that kept telling me that I have to do this, I need to know more about God’s word. There was such a driving force that in three weeks, I finished the Getting Started Class.

I want to address those who have been shattered through domestic violence, who have been abused and who need the strength to heal. God is a major step in the healing process. I want to teach of God’s healing, and these abused women need God’s healing touch in many ways. Some may need salvation, while others just need to go through the steps of healing and to hold on to God to find a purpose, a feeling of acceptance and forgiveness, to have something to hold on to and to inspire them to grow and move forward.

If someone never connects to God’s word, they never grow toward ministry. I am glad to be able to learn more about God’s word and connecting to it at Christian Leaders Insitute. This will lead me to grow and I am hoping that in a chain reaction, I will have the skills to help others grow. My pastor’s wife encourages me, asks me questions to show her interest. My pastor always answers questions and encourages growth.

I need this education in God’s word to accomplish my heart’s desire to help others. To have the credibility to step out into a position to help women through a ministry, one needs a Christian ministry education as a foundation to build a successful ministry. People, churches or organizations want to know that the person they are asking to speak has the qualifications. Without such a foundation, I will not get far. Yet, with CLI’s help, I can help those shattered by domestic violence see that there is hope.

I ask for prayers for guidance, opportunity, longevity, understanding, discernment, wisdom, love, patience, kindness, and strength to stand strong. Also, prayer to follow God’s leading to go where He leads and to walk away from where He says to leave.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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