Christian Leaders Ministry Education

Christian Leaders Ministry Education

My name is Albert George and I am receiving a Christian Leaders ministry education at CLI.  I was born in Jamaican Queens, New York. I currently live in Staten Island, New York. My wife and I have four daughters. I am a Deacon at True Light Ministry in Brooklyn, NY. It was a wonderful feeling when I started back to church. I was able to be part of the school board of directors helping make decisions for the young people at the Bible Speaks Academy. I also enjoyed talking to people in the community to help involve them in the success of the youth in the community. I am currently in a different setting trying to help build the membership of a church that restarted October 2016.

As a child, I started out in a Baptist church. Later in my childhood, my family converted to Catholicism. I went to a Catholic school for a period of time and had my First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. I also served as an Altar Boy. I knew the Lord from a young man and always maintained my belief in him but started to drifted in my teen years.

The Lord has taken me through many obstacles in my life: Refusing dialysis for four years before my kidney transplant; two spine operations; two shoulder replacements plus 5 other shoulder operations; Five more operations; and many other things. With all that I have been through God still allowed me to work two full-time jobs and maintain a family.

During my life from age 16 to 54, I lived life out of the church (in the world), not being changed until I was 54 years old. At age 54, I was invited to a service at the Bible Speaks and I listened to the pastor (Dr. Willis Moses). As Pastor Moses was preaching to me, GOD spoke to ME and said this is where you should be. I have been going to church almost every Sunday and participating in other events ever since. I would like for my wife Jennifer and me to allow the Lord to use us and to build a ministry to spread and teach the word of Christ.

I am an average reader and read the Bible daily, but there is something missing in my journey to serve Christ. The free ministry training from Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is VERY important for me. Otherwise, I would not be able to obtain the teaching that I need to learn and grow so I can spread the word of Christ. At this time, a free Christian Leaders ministry education would allow me to complete all my goals. Thank you, CLI.

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