Living in a Christian home often is not enough for some people to find their relationship with God. When the seeds of Christian life are planted they do often grow directing us in our lives toward the goal Jesus has waiting for us. Jose is a Christian Leaders Institute student who is now building his own Christian home and life with God. Below is his story…


My name is Jose M Hernandez. I am 20 years old, married and currently reside in the city of Orange, in the state of California.

I am passionate about the LORD and here’s my story.

Although I was raised in a Christian home, I did not know of the great joy of following Christ. I would attend church on a regular basis, and all was fine. Everything changed when I was a freshman in high school. Up to that point my life was all about soccer. Yes about playing soccer. Sounds a bit disappointing to hear how my life was, now that I think about it.

I came home one night from playing with my school’s soccer team. My mother brought me into her room. I thought I was in trouble, but no. She said we were moving to another church. I said, “Okay, its fine with me.” In the church I was attending, I was the youngest teen in the whole church. This is probably one reason why I was not having a relationship with God. I was not being exposed to who God is, what he can do and how my life could be impacted. I was treated lightly there.

The day came to start the new church. It was the same as other day. Nevertheless, I had no clue of what lay ahead of me. Our Christian home would change.

My daily soccer routine was still in hand, yet little by little I started to experience who God was. As far as I remember, I did not want anything to do with God at first. Attending church on a regular basis was it. Now, I cannot get enough. An intense hunger lies within me and I’m grateful for this; I truly want to know about God with a deeper meaning. All the Glory is for God in everything we do.

In the new church I started talking with the pastors’ kids. They were young – around my age. One was 15 and the other 16, and I was 14 years old. Little by little, I would receive phone calls from them, and as time passed our friendship grew. We met at their house, played together, and – what really shocked me – talked about God. Their Christian home and lifestyle, I can say, was one of the encounters I had with who God was. God through them opened up my eyes, and little by little God became everything in my life.

Now the years have passed, and I am grateful to God for putting them in my life. Nevertheless, the ministry I whole-heartedly believe He has chosen me for is to spread the Gospel. Ever since I was young, I have been told God wants me for a specific purpose. Different people have come up and disclosed this to me, but I never thought I was going to have this joy for the LORD until now.

If I were to use a term to identify myself, I would simply say a person that is going after God. Due to the reason that, in this stage of my life, there is nothing else that I want except to follow Christ. At the end of the day, I just want God period. I want a Christian home and life that interests others in Jesus.

Despite the challenges a Christian faces, I still want God. Here where I live, there is this current battle going on. Not a physical battle but these conversations where people doubt God. We find this in the schools and abroad. Something that always keeps me up in spirit is, Gods Word ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wins.

A Christian Leaders Institute scholarship is of indispensable value for the reason learning about God and is a joy to me. I often wonder what God has to say yet sometimes we need help in understanding things in a deeper manner. We have God and I wholeheartedly believe, yet I know this ministry is a blessing and God has led me to it. If I am able to obtain this scholarship I would be able to learn to spread the word in a clearer and deeper manner. This scholarship would open new doors to where I believe God is taking me. I know I am called. I could feel it in my veins, and I know God will provide.

Christian home life can sometimes not be enough to help us build our relationship with God. Sometimes we need to be influenced by people we identify with toward Jesus. We welcome you to learn more and develop your relationship further with free ministry courses here at Christian Leaders Institute. Click Here to learn more. Use this link to learn about donating toward a student’s future.

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