Children's and Youth Ministry Call

Children’s and Youth Ministry Call from God

My name is Hope Lovisone, and I have a children’s and youth ministry call on my life. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado, in the United States of America. I grew up in a Christian household. We attended the Lutheran church, and I attended the private school at the church. My family was very involved in the ministry work at the church. Often, we were there more than we were at home. My mom worked in the children’s ministry department, and my dad had us in the front row every Sunday.

However, all of this changed very quickly. When my father was offered an opportunity for a promotion, our family relocated to a small mountain town. After this, our lives changed drastically. In the first few months, we made attempts at finding a new church home but never really connected anywhere. This fact caused us to fall away from the church altogether. Sadly, it was during very formative years for me. Therefore, I lost a lot of my faith in God.

Back to God and Getting a Children’s and Youth Ministry Call

It wasn’t until we moved again that I found my way back into God’s loving arms that were always waiting for me. During a battle with depression and anxiety, a new friend invited me to church. I quickly connected and fell back in love with Jesus. I began serving in multiple areas in the church. God has given me a children’s and youth ministry call. So, I have been volunteering in these areas for roughly seven years.

Free Ministry Education for My Children’s and Youth Ministry Call

It is now time to pursue God’s calling for me in a new way. I have known that I wanted to expand my education in ministry so that I can continue to grow as a servant of God. However, as a full-time employee at a retirement home and a full-time wife and animal mom, time and finances are both limited. The resources that the Christian Leaders Institute provides are perfect for my lifestyle. Traditional education can’t provide those.

I am excited to continue to follow God’s plan for me. I am so thankful that He has opened up doors for me to follow my children’s and youth ministry call through training at CLI.

Interested in ordination? Check out the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a college degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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