Chaplaincy Course of study

Joyously Serving Him

Hello, My name is Cate Scheland. This new journey of discovery in my life at Christian Leaders is a blessing. The Chaplaincy course of study is broadening my biblical knowledge and understanding.

I love serving the Lord here in the United States in sunny Florida. I have stumbled, sinned, asked for forgiveness, and hit “repeat” many times. Yet, God loved me and waited for me to be obedient. I testify that God is patient and has a great sense of humor.

My Story

I knew of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit because of my upbringing at a religious school and church. However, I have not always had a relationship with Him. I have family that loves Jesus and others that have turned away from Him. Our freedom allows us to hear hostile debates and rhetoric against the Bible and “All Scripture being God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16).

Our belief in the Triune God is challenged daily through the different levels of media. We hear fewer good discussions about building a relationship with Jesus versus tearing it apart. Freedom is a slippery slope. Some of us belly-flop down that slippery slope and experience a bumpy, rough, abrasive, and hurtful landing. Yet, it just takes one low point in life, where you hit rock bottom and know that this is where you don’t want to stay. You cry out to God for help, and He picks you up and tenderly cares for you, His child.

Life Challenges

When I was 13, someone told me my mother would never go to Heaven because she committed suicide. What I knew in my heart and soul at that age was an academic God. Like English, religion was taught in school, which was my relationship with Him. Yet, I wanted to believe that God would never turn His back on my mom, who daily reflected Jesus through her loving, caring, dedicated, and compassionate actions. I am the product of my parents, who taught us that kindness, compassion, and manners cost nothing but can bring so much wealth when shared. I spent the next 10+ years of my life lost in grief and abuse and filled with sinful, ugly, poor life-altering choices for myself. That would begin my destructive years, eventually leading me to my reconstruction and my relationship with Jesus.

The next four decades were epic. I made three unevenly yoked choices, leading to married-abused, divorced, married 25 years, three daughters, divorced, married five years, widowed, married 18 months, divorced. It’s funny how God has revealed to me that I don’t have the best discernment in choosing relationships, except in the only one that matters. My relationship with Jesus grows exponentially, and I will never see divorce or death. Thank you, Jesus!

Chaplaincy Course of Study at Christian Leaders

I always told my daughters that I would never return to school. As I now know, never say never. I will go back to school for Jesus, and that is when I heard of Christian Leaders. I am a consummate volunteer for faith-based non-profits. One of the ministries serves our homeless and at-risk veterans to care for and nurture them. It is so fulfilling, and the blessing that I receive far surpasses the benefits that they receive.

A special event is held annually for this struggling group where I was asked to run the Chaplain’s tent area because I love to pray with people. God has placed this upon my heart, and I have committed to getting my Chaplaincy certification. I am grateful to CLI for offering this Chaplaincy course of study online because my many involvements keep me very busy. Therefore, it is a blessing to be able to study between them.

The one thing I want to remember is not how I served but that I was obedient. Because it is for His glory that I do, not mine. I look forward to many more years of serving the Lord and broadening my knowledge through the many courses offered by Christian Leaders. It is my plan for now. So that therefore, I am ready to serve when and where He calls me.

May we all live by 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18: “See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and everyone. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” May God’s abundant blessings be seen daily in our world and your lives.

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