Chaplaincy Calling

Chaplaincy Calling

My name is Dazhoni Green, and I have a chaplaincy calling from God. I am from Minnesota. The United States has been blessed thus far not to experience the religious persecution that other countries have. That persecution is a discouragement to Christians who want to be ministers as they have been called to be. However, it can be challenging to find a good Bible-believing church where I live.

Life Experiences

I have had many experiences and lived in many places. I was born in a Navajo Reservation and lived in China for a total of six years. My parents separated when I was ten, and I was diagnosed with cancer when I was twelve. My recovery took several years, and I grew to have a real relationship with Jesus in my teen years as I struggled with depression and anger.

I asked Jesus into my life as Lord and Savior when I was at a summer youth camp. At that time, I humbled myself and asked for his forgiveness as I struggled with a terrible temper. I acknowledged he was my only hope, and I couldn’t fix me. I needed his help and mercy.

At first, I begged God to take my temper from me. However, he didn’t. As I grow in my walk with Him and walk firmly in the Spirit, I can overcome the temptation to give in to anger. Whenever I let pride tell me that I can walk without Him, I am reminded otherwise when I lose my temper. I then humble myself and turn back to God before I let anger control me again. God is so merciful to me. If anyone is unworthy to be a called minister of God, it is me. He is my one genuine desire and my life and light. Without Him, I am nothing. I want my life to honor and serve Him.

Chaplaincy Calling

I am called to become a chaplain. I have wanted to go into ministry since my senior year of high school. But, since my family is in the low economic class, going hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt, wasn’t an option. So I went to a community college in the state. I got my AA degree in general. Then, I went to get training as a dog groomer and worked in the grooming salon these past four years. I appreciate all the support I was given but grew depressed as I felt that it wasn’t what I was called to do.

With my own experience of being in the hospital, sick, and witnessing death in other children, I am comfortable in those settings and have great compassion. Even though I didn’t know God personally when I had cancer, I think it is a beautiful place to get to know Him in that humbling state. I have a strong desire to minister to those who are sick, dying, or at another low place in my chaplaincy calling. Recently, I published my book, SOUVENIRS OF SUFFERING, which covers my battle with childhood cancer. I am encouraged that it has already touched lives based on the Amazon reviews it has received.

Chaplaincy Calling and Training at CLI

I know I have a long way to go in my ministry training and also with my walk with the Lord. I am excited to start this journey with Christian Leaders Institute. My bachelor’s in chaplaincy at CLI is my first goal and then I’ll transfer to, probably, Ohio Christian University to get my master’s degree. I can afford this and have a part-time job, too! I thank God in my prayers every day for Christian Leaders Ministries. It has made a way possible for me to pursue my ministry training and gives me hope and direction for my future in serving God and others.

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