calling to a life in ministry

Following God’s Lead

Hey, you all! I’m Jess, a wife and mother of two wonderful children. With a calling to a life in ministry, I found the Christian Leaders Institute, with tuition-free ministry and Bible courses.

I grew up deep in the heart of God’s country, otherwise known as Texas! It would be nice to say I was born and raised in the Christian faith. However, that was not the case. I came from a wonderful family, but the enemy had a hold on me from a very young age.

The Lord finally brought me out of the enemy’s grasp in August of 2022 when I gave my life to Him. I did not know what God had planned, but I knew it couldn’t be worse than what I had already been through. My brother baptized me the Sunday after Easter in 2023. That was what set me on fire for the Lord. He sanctified and delivered me from most of my demons, and I have been fanning the flames ever since!

Calling to a Life in Ministry and Study at CLI

I own two businesses, including a women’s faith-based boutique. However, I feel a strong calling to see what a life in ministry is all about. I currently serve in my home church. It includes volunteering as a director on our production team, teaching children’s church on Sunday, and leading Youth Groups. Although I do not know what the Lord has in store for me, I am grateful he brought me to the Christian Leaders Institute!

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