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Called Christian Leader: God Chose Me

My name is Wanda Ingram, and God chose me as a called Christian leader. I am from Washington, DC, in the United States of America. I am the youth leader at my church. Sadly, I was lost for a long time and did not realize it. I have been married twice, and both of my husbands have passed on to glory.

My first marriage, I was in my late 20s and did not overthink about God or church. When my husband was murdered, I stopped talking for a long time after he died.  However, four years later, I fell in love again. This time it was with a high school love. We had not seen each other for years. But, we reconnected and married two years later. He passed away in 2014 from heart failure. That left me unsure about my future, but, thankfully, that marriage led me back to Christ.

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I love God with all my heart and want to serve Him wherever He leads me. God has taught me to love others. Also, He placed me in leadership to help the younger children of my church. Christian Leaders Institute will help me learn more about the walk God places before me. Right now, my church home is going through some hard times. Therefore, as a younger member, I feel God telling me to strengthen my walk with Him and my knowledge of His Word. I want to learn to be a strong Christian leader. I pray that my studies here at Christian Leaders Institute will help me grow in all of those areas and more. God led me here for a purpose. All praise goes to God!

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