Called Christian Apologist

Called Christian Apologist

My name is Jeremy Hewett, and I am from Lagrange, GA. Five years ago, if you would have asked me if I would have ever thought I would be a called Christian Apologist, I have to say the answer would be no. My journey led me to just that.

I was born an only child after two previous miscarriages. My mother always called me her “miracle baby.” She wasn’t religious, and neither was my father. My grandparents are the real shiners there. They raised me to know God and gave me all the tools I needed to find him when I finally decided I needed Him.

God Found Me

After years of “bad luck” and loneliness, after searching for God in Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism, I couldn’t find Him. I became so desperate for God that I said something I will never forget. “God, I tried finding you. I couldn’t. So please find me.” So, that is just what He did.

That same night, I had a very vivid dream. I was conversing with several hooded individuals. They tried to convince me that I didn’t need God and that my life would get better without Him. I just had to wait and see. All the while, a man was rebuilding a table not far from where we talked. He only smiled as he heard what they said. Finally, he spoke to me. He said, “God found you. Now call out to him, accept Jesus as your Savior. He will fix you like I am fixing this table. It will take some time, but you will be fixed.” And I was.

Me a Called Christian Apologist?

After joining Wehadkee Baptist church, I watched our pastor as he delivered the sermons Sunday after Sunday. He was so passionate, reverent, and on fire. He brought countless souls to God through the years of knowing Him. I felt a tickle in the back of my mind, and I imagined myself in that same spot.

For months, I ignored it and said that it wasn’t for me. However, the tickle got more prominent and more profound. One day, I stumbled across a video on YouTube on Christian apologetics. A man was in a respectful, heated debate with a Muslim Imam on the validity of the Trinity. That tickle was a fire from that moment. I knew that I wanted to preach and defend my faith when necessary in a manner that was respectful and well-informed.

Free Training at CLI for this Called Christian Apologist

Free Christian training was necessary because my wife is in the military, and we move around quite often. A lot of our finances are tied up in moving expenses, deposits, etc. God has truly blessed me to find Christian Leaders Institute. Now, I can receive the education I need so I can show others the truth when they have been misinformed for so long.

Learn about ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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