Call to mission ministry

Call to Mission Ministry

My name is Logan Hart, and I have a call to mission ministry. I am from Georgia in the USA. I am a recent 2019 High School graduate in my hometown in the Appalachian Mountains. Growing up in the mountains and southern region of the United States, it is very common for most families to be of the Christian faith. The majority are Southern Baptist.

My Grandfather’s Witness in My Life

I grew up in a family of Christians and was blessed to be able to attend church most of my younger years. My grandfather is an ordained minister. Therefore, I always had the pleasure of talking to him about God as we enjoyed our ham sandwiches while fishing on the creek banks. My grandfather played a major role in why I, as a young boy, gave my life to God. I was born again and washed by the blood of the almighty King Jesus!

First Call to Mission Ministry

When I turned fifteen, I felt God calling me to serve. At the time, I didn’t fully understand my call, but I knew God wanted me to go into the world and serve Him. I had the opportunity to go to New Mexico on my very first mission trip that year. The following year, I was able to go to Peru and to Brazil in 2017. I knew 100% God was calling me to serve in ministry by the time I was eighteen years old.

In the summer of 2019, I felt God’s call to serve in the Amazon of Brazil with several friends of mine. However, during this trip, I became very sick and unfortunately had to be flown back to the United States.

After the sickness, I lost sight of what God had called me to do. I attended college for about two months but then realized that God had something bigger for my life. Maturing was necessary for me to gain a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior through it all!

Call to Mission Ministry and Free Training at CLI

Recently, God showed me that He wanted me to follow His calling and take classes in ministry training. Unfortunately, I can not afford schooling at this time. I prayed for several weeks, and God led me straight to the Christian Leaders Institute. It was an answer to my prayers! I hope to use this ministry training as I pursue God’s calling to the mission field. I pray that this training will help raise me up as a soldier of God and that I can use my training to build an army in ministry!

CLI is such a blessing to me. It is an institution that I pray for regularly. I encourage all Christians pursuing God’s call to attend CLI!

Learn about ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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