Grant Hawes is a California revival leader currently doing the Lord’s work in Stockton, California. What’s interesting about Stockton? Well, according to Forbes Magazine, it’s the most miserable place to live.

Hi, my name is Grant Hawes and I reside in beautiful Stockton, CA. Many people will disagree that Stockton is beautiful; they are entitled to their opinion. Even Forbes Magazine listed Stockton as the most miserable place in the country to live in February 2009.

But that’s where Grant Hawes disagrees. As a California revival leader, Grant is looking at more than just the economic and social environment in Stockton. He’s seeing the work that God is doing in the California revival scene. And in the work of God there is a beauty that surpasses the economic and social state of the city.

Some agreed with the magazine article and condemned Stockton, but I believe it’s beautiful because of what I see the Lord doing in this community. My family and I decided we could agree with the article or do something about it, so we began serving in our community. We feed the homeless and host a chapel service at the local rescue mission once a month.

Grant came to CLI to get free ministry training after leaving a lucrative job to go full time into ministry. With less income, Grant couldn’t afford traditional seminary education. But God provided what he needed to continue pressing forward with the California revival movement.

I walked away from a six figure income and accepted a position on staff at my local church. I have been on staff now for four years now and serve as the Director of Missions/Outreach/Men’s at my church in Stockton California. I am blessed and honored to be called into service in a community that truly needs Jesus. My theology hasn’t always been Protestant as I was raised in a Catholic family but asked Christ into my heart looking for a deeper relationship with Jesus and have been following Him ever since.

I am seeking this education through CLI and know that God honors heart and effort. My heart desires to strengthen the ministry the Lord has given me and a deep understanding of His word provides the strength I seek. I am willing to put forth the effort to honor the God that called me into service. My position on staff was offered to me, I had no formal seminary training only a passion to make His love known and yet I am on staff. I wish to honor this gift from God by learning as much as I can about His love and His passion and make that love and passion known to other.

In Matthew 5:14 Jesus says, “You are the light of the world”. His doesn’t say you should be the light of the world or you could be the light of the world, He says, “you are the light of the world”. I desire to be that light.

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