Jeffrey Whitlow recognizes that his community is on the Brink of Revival and wishes to use Christian Leaders Institute’s free online ministry training to bring Revival to Muskegon, MI. Here is his story…

Brink of Revival – Jeffrey’s Story

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Whitlow, and I live in Muskegon, Michigan in the United States. I first accepted Christ as a child, grew up attending church, and at the age a 20 I felt a strong calling become a pastor. I even checked out some Bible Colleges but was unable to afford the cost. By my mid-20s, I had turned away from God and the church to lead my life. I quickly sank into a world of drugs, sex, and witchcraft that nearly killed me. I spent 15 years practicing Wicca, even serving at times as a high priest. Fortunately, God rescued me and brought me home in 2005. Since that time, I have strived to live a life pleasing to Him. He has blessed me with a beautiful wife and opened many doors to serve.
My ministry dream is to become an ordained pastor and the doors for further ministry that that will open. However, I also recognize the many opportunities available now. In fact, I am currently preparing for another week of serving as a counselor at a Christian-based summer camp for Special needs adults.
I think one of the biggest challenges to ministry in my area is poverty; financial, spiritual, and moral. Muskegon is a city poised on the brink of revival, but we need more people willing to do what it takes to make that difference.
A CLI Scholarship is important to me because it will allow me to pursue the education that will help me to become a better leader.


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